[VIDEO] #HeyMikeyATL Exclusive: “Hey Cuzzo!” “The Octuple Threat,” Rahim Brazil (@RahimBrazil) Knows Its “About Him!”

rahim brazil

Have you ever met someone you can accurately describe as a quintuple threat? We have, and it happened very recently, over lunch, at a simple Atlanta café. There, we sat down with one of the stars of Signal23TV’s, About Him, Rahim Brazil—dancer, singer, rapper, choreographer, actor, radio host—and did we mention he also has brains and body? So we guess that makes him an “octuple threat?” Rahim is the star we have all been waiting for. Although we know him as Damien’s “Cuzzo,” “Kendall,” he continues to wow us with his many talents and even cooler demeanor.

Brandon and Kendall

Brandon and Kendall

As Kendall, Rahim serves as the comic relief in a series that can get pretty serious and intense. Although his initial introduction came off as more annoying and silly; Kendall soon won our hearts, and surprised us all when he declared his feelings for his play cousin and then took his “V-Card (virginity)!” “I Iike  Cousin Kendall… imma say we’re the same on certain levels. He’s a little freak and I can be a little a freak [he laughs], and he’s just a little different. We don’t have a lot of background story on him, but there is more to him if you read the book….I think Cousin Kendall has finally found someone he likes and can experience with in Damien…If you notice he tries to be a little harder when he first comes in but as the show goes on he gets a little more comfortable expressing himself…he comes in a little annoying, but that’s what you come to love about Kendall; that he’s gonna make that environment change a little bit because Damien’s environment is just so blah…he puts that comedic factor into the show.”


Surprisingly, and similar to his cast mate, Brandon Karson (Damien), this marks Rahim’s first major acting role. He admits he got on the show thanks to a little persistence and a lot of talent. “My manager kept blowing up the director and one day I came home from work and he was like ‘I got you this audition, but you need to submit it like now.’ I was like what are you talking about I just got off work, so he sent me this script, and it was like this lil’ small monologue and I read it and they had me come audition the next day…I was nervous, very nervous. I remember I was like ugh I gotta go in her audition for this role, I don’t know anybody, their relationships…it was definitely something new. I had been in drama but not since high school….acting wise it’s my first audition since high school.” He goes on to reveal his audition was a bit rocky before he truly settled into the character. “I was just like I gotta go in here and kill it…I was so loud when I first did it, and they were like okay bring it down a notch, let’s try this again…so I did the audition and they ended up calling me back the next day to start recording!”


Kendall first appears in the seventh episode of About Him, “Unwanted Visitors,” and then again during the season finale. As we already mentioned Kendall and Damien do hook up, but the sexual encounters they have in the season finale put their earlier bedroom antics to shame. As you may already know, the season finale does contain an orgy scene which seems to be between Damien, Justin (Rico Pruitt), Kendall, and a few other unknown characters. This comes as no surprise as the series has progressed to become more and more sexually explicit (we are not complaining, by the way). “I feel a little weird sometimes…Lemme just say when I first got to set me and Brandon sat down and had ‘the talk.’ We talked about making each other comfortable, it was cool, so that kind of helped…when I’m doing these scenes I have one goal in mind; to perform, make it look well, and go…that’s it…keep it strictly professional…I realize on camera I am not Rahim, I am someone else….” He feels he has a good relationship with the rest of his cast mates and likes to keep things lively on set, not wanting to do the “bored thing.” Rahim reveals Kendall is coming back for Season 2, but would like to see more of the character’s backstory and see him more layered. However, he is not sure if the character will appear in the spinoff series About Justin.

Interestingly, he believes About Him owes its success to relatability. “Imma say from the gay lifestyle a lotta people say it speaks to their story in some type of way—and it may come in different ways—everybody has that annoying cousin that they don’t necessarily want to be around, or that one person they been crushing on for a while…or everyone has that brother they can’t tell who they really are because their afraid of situations it could cause them…That’s the magic to Henderson Maddox [director and writer of the series], he puts that medicine in there because he wants to teach you something. You gonna have that sexual stuff in there because it entices people but you’re gonna learn something…at the end of the day if you’re not teaching them something then you haven’t accomplished your goal…”


Currently, LGBT characters are proliferating throughout cable and network television, but the battle for equality and acceptance is still ongoing. Rahim feels now more than ever it is important for the stories of this community to be told. “It’s very important right now, especially with everything that’s going on. Just this year we had the Orlando shootings…we’re fighting for a lot and in a sense we’re fighting for some recognition. We want people to know that we’re here and it’s great when we have things we can be a part of….there’s not a lot of gay shows on TV…and we do not have a lot of variety in our character the way they do in the heterosexual world…but when we find something it’s very important we support it.”

Unbeknownst to most people, Rahim has been an artist far longer than he has been an actor. In fact, he considers himself an artist before being categorized as an actor. He feels acting is more of him creating someone and that music is more of him expressing himself. It goes without saying that Rahim is an amazingly talented artist. He may very well be one of the keys to reviving a music industry that has become “cookie cutter” and watered down in the talent department. He cites God as the source of his many skills, and his music comes from life experiences. “…a lot of it comes from my past, my present, and the connections around me…I can look at somebody’s life and write a song about it…the great thing about it is I will sit there and a song will pop into my head and people will ask where it came from and I’m like I don’t know it just came there and now I’ve got to record it [he laughs]… I’ll wake up from dreams at like three or four o’clock in the morning recording…”


Five years from now Rahim sees himself performing internationally and transcending the box of the LGBT world. Currently, he is putting the final touches on his album which will be released later this year. Entitled F.E.A.R., Forgetting Every Area of Regret. “Fear is something that just keeps you frozen and keeps you from moving in any direction when you want to and you’re just scared. I’m shedding the light on some things from my past, my family, and these are all the things I was regretful of that I’m exposing, that I’m doing now, and then some things in the present that are going…it’s about me being stuck and just tryna find my way in this industry…” You can hear Rahim sing by clicking here, and check out one of his music videos below.

Mr. Brazil is truly a man on his grind! Being an “octuple” threat. One might assume that his busy schedule does not leave enough room in his life for romance. The rising star admits he is single, however, and “entertaining.” “I entertain people, I text here and there, but no I’m not seeing anyone. Not focused on that right now, no love life right now.” He goes onto reveal the type of guys he likes, “…Genuine guys. I love guys that are supportive, somebody that’s gonna challenge me, I love guys that are supportive and protective…somebody I don’t have to worry about if my back is turned…somebody who represents me well and has to have a sense of humor! I think love is possible, I just gotta make sure I’m ready for it…that’s they’re ready for it.”

Rahim Brazil is living proof that you cannot be afraid to go after what you want in life. Fear and regret are just barriers designed to inhibit people, and keep them from being the best. Thankfully Rahim has risen to the challenge is truly making moves in an industry that is not always so welcoming. At the end of the day he’s proving it’s “About Him!” You can check out Rahim as Kendall in the videos below. The full season finale is airing this weekend in Atlanta. Purchase your tickets by clicking here.


Twitter/Instagram: @RahimBrazil

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