Dame Dash (@DashDamon) Calls Jay-Z (@S_C_) & Beyonce (@beyonce) “Cowards” For Not Defending Rachel Roy (@Rachel_Roy)!

Don’t people know better by now? If you come for Bey and hers, the Beyhive will come for you!


That’s exactly what happened when there was speculation of fashion designer Rachel Roy allegedly being the ‘Becky’ that Beyonce was referring to in her single ‘Sorry’ off of her latest album Lemonade. Brief recap – Rachel Roy posted a picture via Instagram with the caption ‘Good hair don’t care, ” right after Bey had released her album. It didn’t take people too long to start assuming that she was who Jay Z was cheating on Beyonce with from Beyonce’s line “He only want me when I’m not there, he better call Becky with the good hair” – especially because it was a rumor back in the day.


Long story short, Beyonce fans were out for Rachel Roy (and even poor Rachel Ray, who got caught in all the mess when fans confused her for Roy!). They weren’t just out for her, they also came for her 16-year-old daughter, Ava Dash which is when some people started getting upset about a teenager being bullied by the Beyhive.


All of this is what led to music and film producer Dame Dash to call Jay Z and Beyonce “cowards” for not coming to his ex-wife’s defense.


In a recent interview he had with with UK Magazine Grazia, Dash says, “They are cowards. They should have stepped up and said something. Adults can go and harass a kid on behalf of an R&B singer? The trolls should have been put in jail for that, it was crazy.”

A few others also felt like Beyonce, who is very big on women’s empowerment, should have spoken out about the social media bullying when it began to involve a young girl.

What Dame Dash didn’t do in the interview was deny that any of the rumors were true… “I don’t care what Rachel did; I don’t agree with a lot of things she does,” he told the magazine.

It is understandable for Dash to want to protect his ex-wife and children, but we’re not sure if calling Jay and Beyonce “cowards” is the way to do it.


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