[VIDEO] #REALLY? Future (@1future) Pops Off on Ciara (@Ciara) in New Song, “How It Feel!”

We can officially say civility has left the room when it comes to Future and his ex-fiancee, Ciara. The Atlanta rapper dropped a new song last night, How It Feel, and some of its lyrics definitely seems to be going in on Ciara. The single’s outro says “I made you, b****. B****you weren’t nothing before me. I gave you fame on the ‘gram. I put you back on them charts… We gave you b****** some hits.” Yikes!


We can imagine Future is not happy about everything that has transpired between he and Ciara, but is he foolish enough to risk going back to court? As you may recall, not only have they been fighting about custody and time with Baby Future, but the New Mrs. Russell Wilson has a $15 million dollar lawsuit against him for defamation of character. She alleges he infamous Twitter rant a few months back cost her a multi-million dollar deal with a cosmetics company!

All we can say is “Yikes!” again. More importantly, however, where is Future’s publicist and sense!? Unless he has millions lying around in some discretionary fund  he should be silent when it comes to that particular ex! Check out the song below, tell us what you think!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

Mikey hey mikey atl michael j. fanning

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