Yikes! Rapper, Nelly (@Nelly_Mo), Owes The IRS $2.4 Million Dollars!

Nelly is getting served with papers from Uncle Sam!!!

Celebrities often times get hit with tax liens but they’re usually not this big of an amount. According to TMZ, Nelly reportedly owes a lump sum of $2,412,283 in backtaxes to IRS — enough to give the IRS grounds to start seizing his property and other assets if the debt is not paid.


This is in addition to the reported $149,511 he owed in state taxes earlier this year. The Pimp Juice rapper, originally owed the Missouri Department of Revenue $113,533 in unpaid taxes from 2013, but that figure has gone up to $149,511 due to accrued interest and additional fees.

Sources close to the St. Louis native rapper claims he is already working with the IRS to resolve the issue. The question is, where will he get the money to pay for it? Nelly hasn’t released a full-length project since 2013’s M.O., however he has kept busy with hosting gigs, reality TV, and a recurring role on BET’s.


Back in August, Nelly’s debut album, 2000’s Country Grammar, also became the eighth hip-hop album in history by RIAA. It was a huge accomplishment for the rapper, no doubt, but unfortunately for him, he can’t pay the government with earned album units.

Unfortunately, Nelly is added to the long list of black celebrities that deal with tax evasion. Former A-list superstar Wesley Snipes was in a Pennsylvania federal prison for failing to pay nearly $17 million in taxes. Ron Isley was also sentenced to three years and released in 2010 for tax evasion. After doing a 3 month stint in 2013 for not filing taxes, Singer Lauryn Hill, was recently hit with another tax lien for the amount of $500,000 back in July.


Hopefully Nelly finds the funds in a relatively swift matter because it would be a shame to see his posessions get reposessed or even worse, end up in jail.

Written By: Kyree Shockley

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