What!? Actress Tasha Smith (@tashasmith4real) Curses out Tyler Perry (@tylerperry) and Walks Off Set

There seems to be some trouble in paradise over at Tyler Perry studios, specifically regarding actress Tasha Smith. Tasha plays Angela on Tyler Perry’s TV seriesFor Better or Worse,’ and a source on set told Kontrol Magazine that on the last day of filming,  Tasha had some not-so-nice words for Tyler Perry. According to the source, Tasha got angry and ‘cursed out’ Mr. Perry, said “F*** this s***” and walked ofd set!


We are not sure what exactly happened to set Tasha off, but our source tells us the reasoning behind Tasha’s outrage was due to built up animosity towards Tyler. Apparently, director Lee Daniels wanted to give Tasha more face-time on his FOX drama series Empire. Tasha appears on Empire as Cookie’s sister Carol Hardaway; and from what we hear Daniels was looking to expand her role.

How does that tie in with Tasha Smith cursing out the Tyler Perry and walking off of his set? Well our source tells us that expanding Tasha’s role on Empire was conflicting with her role on For Better or Worse, and that Tyler was not giving her that wiggle room to be able to work both.


Lee Daniels has been compared to Tyler Perry in the past, and Daniels has made it clear he is not Tyler Perry. Could the comparisons have caused a little animosity between the two leading Tyler to not give Tasha time for Empire out of spite, or was it the same decision any executive would have made due to timing of their own show? Tyler and individuals who have worked for him have said before that filming with Perry is quick and very efficient, meaning they get a lot done in a shorter amount of time. With that being said it is possible that Tyler simply couldn’t give Tasha that extra time, but then again, there had to have been something more to it to upset Smith so much that she walked off of set.


Neither Tasha or Tyler have commented on the situation, which leaves us wondering what this will mean. Did Tasha just quit or was it heat of the moment? Is she fired? Will season 9 of For Better or Worse still be coming on? So many questions!

Tasha Smith has an extensive acting career, but is best known for her role as ‘Angela’ in Tyler Perry’s films ‘Why did I get Married?‘ and ‘Why Did I get Married Too?’, as well as the comedy TV show based on films, ‘For Better or Worse.” Not sure if that’s the way to thank the person who gave you so many opportunities, but hey, there are two sides to every story!

The two seem to have a great friendship and working relationship, so hopefully this is just a small bump in the road and they can work it all out.

Written By: Daniela Posso

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