Splitsville! The Engagement to Roger Bobb (@BobbcatFilms) is OFF! Demetria McKinney (@demimckinney) Shows off New Boyfriend, Eric Nealante Phillips (@Nealante)!

Singer and actress, Demeria McKinney is making headlines again and this time it is juicy–REALLY JUICY! Apparently the power couple of she and film producer, Roger Bobb are over, done, and has been buried in a plot in “Splitsville!” This comes as a shocker as in January she and Roger were announcing their engagement and planning for a Fall 2016 wedding. As you recall, he popped the question to her on New Year’s Day. Well we definitely do not see a wedding in their future, and are more shocked that they are not together anymore. Just two months ago we saw Demetria at the Atlanta premiere of Roger’s latest film Bad Dad Rehab arm in arm with him.

roger bobb and demetria mckinney hey mikey atl

Demetria shocked us all when this weekend she revealed not only are she Roger no longer together, but debuted her new boyfriend, Eric Nealante Phillips. Eric is a songwriter and music producer who has worked with the likes of Timbaland & Magoo, Jodeci, TLC, Destiny’s Child, Usher, and Beyonce just to name a few. Demetria posted a picture of her and Eric on Instagram this weekend stating:

We are happy for Demetria, but have to wonder what went wrong between she and Roger? Even more importantly, how did she move on so soon? We can only speculate he might have gotten cold feet about the wedding, after all look how long it took him to propose. Her new beau, however, might be just what she needs to launch her music career even further and give her the shine she deserves. We love you Demetria, just be careful!

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