[VIDEO] Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt (@prattprattpratt) Star in New Sci-Fi Film “Passengers” (@PassengersMovie)!

Is it bad that the hopeless romantic in me wants to see Jennifer Lawrence fall in love while in space? I mean, let’s be clear, she is hands down one of the hottest women to grace Tinsel Town and with Hollywood hunk Chris Pratt as her leading man, I can picture them having cute little space babies and all. A girl can dream right?

Well it’s not all entirely a dream but the two young stars are set to star side by side in a science fiction love story this coming Christmas from Sony Pictures.


The film “Passengers” takes place on a spacecraft transporting thousands of people to a distant colony planet in suspended animation. The trip takes a deadly turn when Jim and Aurora’s (played by Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence respectively) hibernation pods awaken them 90 years before anyone else. As Jim and Aurora look into the malfunction, they fall deeply in love. But the ship is collapsing and the two soon learn why they were mysteriously woken up. Sony showed a trailer for Passengers that blew away cinema fans back at April’s CinemaCon and most of those key scenes are also featured here.

At one point, news broke that actors Keanu Reeves and Rachel McAdams were attached along with Game Of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire helmer Brian Kirk. And shortly before that, Reese Witherspoon was expected to play the female lead, and The Weinstein Company bought it in a big deal at 2012 Cannes. However, producer Neal H. Moritz was tracking the project and when it became free, he brought it to then Sony production president Michael De Luca. Ori Marmur is a producer alongside Moritz through the Original Film label along with Michael Maher for Start Media and Stephen Hamel of Company Films. EPs are David Householter, Ben Browning, Jon Spaihts, Lynwood Spinks, Bruce Berman, Greg Basser, and Ben Waisbren. LStar Capital and Village Roadshow are producing with Sony.

Pratt Law 2

Passengers opens on Dec. 21. Who’s taking their boo to go see the movie?

Written By: Monique C. Tillman

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