Foodie Friday: 5 Pumpkin Recipes For Every Meal of the Day!

Yesterday was the official first day of fall so you know what that means right? It’s PUMPKIN SEASON!!!! Yes, people rush near and far to get their hands on a PSL (that’s Pumpkin Spice Latte, just fyi) from Starbucks or head to their local grocery store for pumpkin flavored anything and everything. But there’s more to pumpkin beyond flavored coffee and pies. There’s a slew of pumpkin recipes for every occasion. So for my pumpkin skeptics and fanatics, I got something for you to try. Here are 5 pumpkin recipes that you can have for EVERY MEAL OF THE DAY!


Starting off with the most important meal of the day, Breakfast. There’s plenty of things you can eat for breakfast that involves pumpkin like waffles, breads, pancakes, etc. Today though, it’s all about Pumpkin Pie Oats! This recipe takes only 10 ingredients and a half hour to prepare, it’s gluten-free and vegan friendly so everyone can enjoy it, and it gives you the warmth you need to kickoff a brisk fall day. It’s like eating pumpkin pie without the actual pie!


Let’s move on to Lunch. This is what I call the pick me up meal. It’s supposed to tie you over until dinner and it wakes you up for the second half of your work shift. What better way to rejuvenate on your lunch break than with a Pumpkin, Beef, and Black Bean Chili. I don’t know about you, but I’m a lover of good chili. This recipe is packed with flavor from the beef broth, sweet onions, bell peppers, to the cilantro, pumpkin, and butternut squash. Then you top it off with Chipotle Sour Cream and fresh jalapeños. OMG!!! This hearty meal is sure to tie you over but might put you to sleep.


For Dinner, you should try this Creamy One Pot Pumpkin Pasta recipe. This is not your typical pasta. It’s flavorful and full and can give off more of a macaroni and cheese texture then traditional pasta. A note from the chef when cooking this dish, this pasta is definitely rich, and needs plenty of salt and freshly ground black pepper to keep it from falling flat. This is a cozy, curl up with your favorite sweats and throw blanket, kind of meal.


Well if you’re over the age of 21, PSL isn’t the only must have drink of the season, especially after a long day of work. Get into the festivities with this Pumpkin Martini! This recipe only takes 5 minutes to whip up and is sure to have you in good spirits (if you know what I mean).


Lastly, if you still have room for dessert, treat yourself to some Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Muffins!! These muffins will be a hit for your family and friends this fall. Trust me on that.

Well there you have it! Start your fall season off right with these pumpkin recipes and share your thoughts with me in the comment section below or on Instagram.

Written By: Kyree Shockley

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