Power (@Power_STARZ) vs. Empire (@EmpireFOX)! 50 Cent (@50Cent) Claps Back at Jussie Smollett (@jussiesmollett) & We Are NOT Here For It!

This whole Empire versus Power feud is really getting out of hand! We already know 50 Cent is not a fan of Empire, feeling from the jump that the hit Fox series was trying to copy it. Besides them both being urban dramas with predominantly African-American casts we do not see the similarities. Comparing the two series is like comparing apples and oranges! The feud began anew when 50 tried to clown Empire for having a lower ratings for its third season premiere than it did during its second one. He took a screenshot of Taraji P. Henson to add to it! Naturally, Taraji was not having it and posted the following:


“For the confused ppl. Do REAL research!!! Loose change makes sooooooo much UNNECESSARY NOISE,” she shared on Instagram Saturday afternoon. “STILL LOOKING FOR THAT DAMN CENT SIGN!!! I guess it’s obsolete. AGAIN CONGRATS ON YOUR SUCCESS BLACK MAN!!! @50cent.”

She later posted a screenshot of news that Empire was still the highest rated series on broadcast television. Which is no feat to scoff at! Still 50 had to put another two cents in and again deposited them towards Taraji.


“All this back and forth s–t is starting to turning me on cookie, LMAO I ran into Lee Daniels at the gym on Sunset Blvd. he asked why I didn’t except his offer to be on EMPIRE. I told him I have a lot going on, I’m actually working on the show FOX is gonna replace EMPIRE with, he looked at me like…why the f–k are you doing that?” he wrote. “It’s because I’m a drug dealer, and I was taught to get in, get your weight up, then take over. So that’s the deal #EFFENVODKA #smsaudio #FRIGO.”


Taraji’s cast mates, Vivica A. Fox and Jussie Smollett were not having it! See below.

We have to admit Jussie’s response was classier, but Vivica really went there (yes we’re laughing)! Nevertheless, 50 still wasn’t done with his shenanigans and we are NOT here for it! See what he posted below:

We already weren’t fans of 50’s behavior and homophobia, but now he truly is persona non grata around these parts! It is public knowledge that Jussie is gay; and it is completely homophobic and inappropriate to insult someone for being gay in 2016. Someone should seriously shade him for showing his penis on cable television or how horrible of a father he has been to his oldest son. Continue being an ass 50, but we’d rather see Omari Hardwick’s! Cut it out!

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