Vivica A. Fox (MsVivicaFox) Makes History With Latest Film Role!

Actress Vivica Fox will be in the history books due to her latest film role. The Empire actress will soon look very presidential as she has been cast to portray the President of the United States in her next film. Vivica’s latest role will mark the first time an African-American woman has portrayed the president in a live action film. Many women throughout the years have portrayed the president on screen. According to Mashable Patty Duke was the first woman to play in “Project Moonbase” which aired in 1953. Also, Alfre Woodard portrayed the president in a TV series called “State of Affairs”. Vivica’s role is significant because she will be the first to portray the president in a live action film.

vivica 1

Vivica’s history-making role will be in a new sci-fi movie called “Crossbreed”. The movie is based on a group of retired military veterans who get assigned to a special mission by the president who is played by Vivica Fox. During the mission, the war heroes, have to retrieve an alien being from an illegal medical facility where its DNA was being harvested illegally to manufacture weapons. The movie will be directed by Brandon Slagle who recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter on his thoughts of Vivica being cast as the president.

vivica 2

“When my producers brought up the idea of Vivica in the role, it was a lightning bolt. It was a fantastic idea. Someone who could light up a room but also has a commanding presence. Out President is positive and proactive, not the grim figure as is usually portrayed in these types of movies”. 

The film will be produced by Liz Cuppie and executive produced by Donna and John Kopp. There is no word yet on when production will start on the film or when the film will debut.

vivica 3

So, what are your thoughts? Will you be at the theaters ready to watch Vivica’s groundbreaking role? Let me know in the comments.

Written By: Ronda Brooks

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