[VIDEO]: ‘The Bounce Back’ (@BounceBackFilm) Starring Shemar Moore (@shemarmoore), Bill Bellamy (@BILLBELLAMY) & Nadine Velazquez (@nadinevelasquez) Coming This December!

the bounce back

Shemar Moore, Bill Bellamy and Nadine Velazquez are starring in new film ‘The Bounce Back,’ which will hit theaters nationwide on Wednesday Dec. 9!

The new romantic comedy is about a single father and relationship expert named Matthew Taylor who is promoting his newly-released book ‘The Bounce Back.’ Throughout his book’s promo tour he meets a therapist named Kristin Peralta who gives him a run for his money by calling him, and his book, a scam; and later ends up being Taylor’s love interest.


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[EVENT RECAP] Erica’s (@Fashion101ed) Table of 20!

On October 29th 2016, Erica Dias of The B Firm PR hosted her 20th monthly series called Erica’s Table of 20. This luncheon is a intimate experience for 20 selected guest, that include, men and women. The guest mixed and mingled with each other and listened to candidate for Mayor of Atlanta; Michael T Sterling and Owner of The B Firm PR share their personal testimony on their career journey.


Also in attendance were news anchors from CBS 46; Sharon Reed and Karyn Geer. Guest enjoyed a beautiful table setting from A.M.A experience and were inspired, motivated and left full of inspirational gems from Erica Dias who also just launched her new book; Faith It Until You Make It, a book full of inspirational quotes that give you a pick me up in your daily life. My favorite quote from her book “Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows”…

Be sure to purchase Erica’s new book on: http://www.novembermediapublishing.com/author-erica-dias/

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Special thanks to Sprinkles Cupcakes for the desserts, Martell for the specialty cocktails, Harber Mill for the amazing candles, Out of the Box for the photo booth fun and Ann -Marie of the A.M.A experience for the beautiful table setting!

Did They Kill It Or Nah? Instagram’s Best Celebrity Inspired Halloween Costumes

halloween costumes

2016 has definitely been the year of pop culture. Everything from music, movies, the Olympics, the election, viral moments and more has given us as viewers a gag worthy overload of sensational looks and moments that’ll stick with us for years to come. Speaking of looks, however, in the high spirits of Halloween, (Happy Halloween BTW) your friends here at Kontrol have decided to come up with our top pop culture/celebrity inspired looks for this costume season. So scroll through these 8 clever Halloween costumes via Instagram’s top posts and our favorites and you decide did they kill it or Nah?!

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 5.38.58 PM

Ryan Lochte

Because Lochte’s Olympic career is basically over now thanks to all the mischief that went down over at the Olympics in Rio this summer. I think it’s safe to say a Halloween costume is just in order to make light of his dead career right now. Anywho, did The Vampire Diaries’ actress Nina Dobrev kill this look or Nah?

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[VIDEO] You Got Some Explainin’ To Do! Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) Releases–Then Deletes– Statement on His Mid-Concert Walk Off in Manchester, England!

justin bieber photo shoot

Is it us or does Justin Bieber always seem to be in the news either apologizing for trouble he caused, being nude on social media, or just being a jerk in general. Well this time it is the former, Justin has apparently released a statement, via Twitter albeit, giving his rationale as to why he walked off stage, mid-concert, leaving fans stunned and speechless. See the video below:

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[VIDEO] Pelle Pelle (@PellePelle) Teams Up w/ Smoke DZA (@smokedza) To Talk About Fall Fashions In Harlem

Marc Buchanan is the mastermind behind the urban street wear brand Pelle Pelle. The fashion line based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. This brand has stood the test of time and has gone hand in hand with the hip hop culture. Pelle Pelle began as a leather outerwear company but has since merged into boots and handbags as well. The brand is a household name and has always managed to stay in the forefront of streetwear fashion. Musicians, celebrities, and athletes alike flock  to the brand making it a staple in the urban community and pop culture. In fact, Pelle Pelle was the first to put designer baggy pants on the market.


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[VIDEOS] Lawsuit! Bruno Mars (@BrunoMars) Sued Over “Uptown Funk” By 80’s Band, Collage!

Lawsuits are flying left and right nowadays when it comes to music; most have little validity, but it looks like this time around the plaintiff may have a win on their hands. Apparently Bruno Mars is being sued by eighties electro-funk band, Collage, over his hit single Uptown Funk. Collage claims they released a similar sounding song, Young Girls, in way back (33 years ago for you non-math whizzes).

via TMZ:



Mars and “Uptown Funk” producer Mark Ronson are among many names listed in a lawsuit filed by members from the music group, Collage.  The band released a single in 1983 called “Young Girls” and claim Bruno’s Billboard #1 is a dead-on copy in rhythm, harmony, melody and structure.

It’s interesting — Collage claims  Ronson and Mars have been big fans of Minneapolis/1980s electro-funk soul … of which Collage was a part, along with Prince and others. The suit claims there’s reason to believe Ronson and Mars have heard and been influenced by “Young Girls.”

The stakes are enormous.  “Uptown Funk” is Mars’ biggest song to date … selling more than 6.1 million copies.  It’s the second-longest number-one hit single in Billboard history, and makes the label alone a reported $100k a week via streaming on Spotify.

Collage — only has one living member — but he’s alive and kicking … demanding a cut of the profits and a stop to “Uptown Funk.”

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AGAIN?! Nate Parker At The Center of Penn State Sexual Misconduct Case

It looks like actor Nate Parker may be taking another “L” as he is at the center of another sexual misconduct case! This time everything happened back in 2000 when Nate was on the only wrestling team and awaiting trial on his rape allegations. She alleges he exposed himself to her while she was giving him a back treatment. According to The New York Times, she says Parker told her he wanted to show her something and then turned over and showed her the top half of his penis!

Nate’s lawyer has stated the allegations are “completely untrue.” These revelations are all coming from an investigation into Penn State’s handling of student sexual misconduct reports.

via New York Times:

 nate parker hey mikey atl

Prosecutors are trying to assess whether the school’s handling of Mr. Parker suggests a broader pattern of inaction by the athletic department when it came to complaints of sexual misconduct, according to two law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation who are not authorized to discuss it publicly.

A lawyer for Mr. Curley declined to comment on the Parker case, saying that education law prohibits the release of information about students and that questions should be directed to Penn State.

Mr. Parker has no direct connection to the criminal case against the university officials and he faces no legal problems. He has consistently said that the rape accusation, in which he and a friend were accused of assaulting a drunken woman, was false, and that the encounter was consensual. And he said through his lawyer that he was never told of any exposure complaint, and that no such incident had occurred.

“This is the first Mr. Parker has ever heard of this,” David J. Matlof, his lawyer, said in an email. “He recognizes the seriousness of the issue, but this claim is completely untrue.”

Nate has taken a serious beating in the public eye for past rape allegations and his controversial statements on Black male masculinity, and homosexuality. The backlash from all of this may have been what killed his movie Birth of a Nation. We really don’t know what to think him at this point.

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

Mikey hey mikey atl michael j. fanning