“It’s Been Handled?” FreddyO (@freddyo) Comes for Kontrol Magazine (@kontrolmag) Over “Women of Style” Event for TLC’s Rozonda “Chili” Thomas!

The pettiness and shade are real in the entertainment industry. For those of us who report it we are never truly surprised, but we are disappointed when one entity tries to come for another. No we are not talking about Marvel Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox (OMG Fox just work out a deal for The X-Men!); instead a feud has been ignited between Kontrol Magazine and the blog site Freddy O. Apparently, Freddy is pretty salty with Kontrol after one of his writers was turned away at the latter’s Woman of Style event where TLC’s Rozonda “Chili” Thomas was honored for her fashion, style, and many contributions to the entertainment industry.

Freddy did not take too well to the incident and late last night after running into Kontrol’s editor-in-chief and celebrity stylist, Julian Lark, he posted a video condemning the magazine:


Naturally, we went straight to Mr. Lark for his side of things:

We had the event [Women of Style] and it was invite only and we did not invite Freddy O. Chili’s publicist invited him and we knew nothing about it…then he didn’t even show up…he sent some writer/videographer/photographer to the event and when it came time for everyone to sit down and eat the publicist was like where’s Freddy’s seat. I explained that it was invite only, we had limited space, and did not plan a space for him. She tried to tell me the lady [Freddy O’s representative] had been covering the red carpet for like three hours and she has kids at home and has to work, and I understand that, but that’s her job! She is media! Only in Atlanta do the media try and take pictures with celebrities or feel they can just down at a table and eat with them at an event. If you go anywhere else their trained not to do that. They record the information, get the scoop they need, and leave. He’s responding to a Facebook status I made saying ‘It’s been handled’ after we saw each other last night and I confronted him and told him to keep my name and brand out of his mouth or I was gonna punch him in his f***ing face! He’s an Atlanta-based photographer. No one knows him outside of this city and a cousin at Elle [Magazine]? STOP!

All we can say is it true that as media when you go to an event you are there to WORK! If you are offered food then you have a little, but you never drink! HeyMikeyATL’s staff is thoroughly trained on this. Freddy we like a lot of the stories you post, but this could have been handled a lot better. Julian may have made a post, but he never put your name or brand out there. Going on Instagram, borders on harassment. There’s enough room for all of us to eat in Atlanta. Until then it is clear that Kontrol Magazine will remain #Unbothered. 

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