Victory! Chris Brown’s (@chrisbrown) Gun Case Fizzles!

chris brown

After all the dramatics and unnecessary antics that circled around R&B bad boy Chris Brown a couple of weeks ago, it looks like the case stemming from his recent gun arrest has quickly fizzled.


TMZ reports, the district attorney involved in Baylee Curran’s gun case against Brown is unimpressed with the evidence against Brown, so much that the case is getting closer and closer to being thrown completely out. The case was presented to prosecutors two weeks ago, but pushed it back to the police, citing a lack of evidence, and now, chances of the case going further at all are looking dismal.


Aug. 31, Brown was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after hours long standoff with LAPD at his Calabasas home. The accuser, Curran, claimed Brown put a gun to her head after observing her “admiring” some jewelry in his home. During the standoff, Brown proclaimed his own innocence in a series of videos via his Instagram. When police were able to get a search warrant, they executed the search, finding no guns.


Following the media storm of that day, a long laundry list of Curran’s past behavioral issues and trouble with the law were revealed. This resulted in Curran’s story going under criticism by the general public. And after some alleged text messages surfaced of Curran’s side of the story, many had made up their minds that she was lying.

The case isn’t officially over yet, but the D.A.’s lack of enthusiasm about moving forward with it indicates that there may not be enough evidence to prosecute him with anything.

With investigators not able to pin a gun to him, it seems that Breezy won’t be facing any real trouble as this latest drama concludes. He’s not worried, releasing new music like a recent Bryson Tiller collab “Keep You in Mind.”




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