[VIDEOS] Solange (@solangeknowles) Drops New Music Videos for Two Songs From Her New Album!

solange knowles

Solange told us to have a seat at her table and we’ve had several! If you’ve had the chance to get into this musical poetic masterpiece Solange blessed us with this weekend then we can bet it’s been on repeat. A Seat at the Table, a 21-track album, her first full album since 2008, has been nothing less than flawless and it just got better.

Solange just dropped visuals for two of our favorite songs from the album, “Cranes in the Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair” — both directed by Solo and her husband, Alan Ferguson.


We personally love these two tracks and excited to share the visuals with our readers. But before we get into the videos, can we just give credit to all the glory that is Solange. She really served us black love and consciousness on a silver platter with this album and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

From “F.U.B.U”. and “Mad” to “Don’t Wish Me Well” and “Borderline”, this project is laced with self love, awareness, strength and the ultimate ode to black people and then some. Solange herself describes the work as “a project on identity, empowerment, independence, grief, and healing.”


The Guardian calls A Seat at the Table “a stately, sprawling celebration of black identity” that displays an “artful, keening single-mindedness.” Mashable gushed that “her ethereal voice demands attention and space that we must grant her in order to collectively move forward, even just a bit.” NPR hailed the work as “a floating melange of R&B, bold in its quiet and understated sounds, bolder in its message.”

Beyoncé was serving us Lemonade at cocktail hour but Solange fed us as we had A Seat at The Table! We’re thankful for both of the Knowles sisters.


Watch both videos below and give us your thoughts!

Written By: Kyree Shockley

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