#BossChick! Beyonce (@beyonce) Invests In New Mobile App Venture!

beyonce 2013 tour

“Black Bill Gates in the making..?” I think so! Queen Bey is adding another title to her list of many, many hats. The multifaceted singer is now a tech startup investor!


The superstar has invested $150,000, through her company Parkwood Entertainment, into SideStep – a new mobile application that makes it easier for concertgoers to purchase tour merchandise. Buying concert merchandise can be a big hassle; the lines are always super long and it is hard to get in and out without missing a part of the show. With SideStep, “you can now pre-order your stuff days before the show, from your seat at the concert, or after the night ends for VIP pickup or delivery to your doorstep.” And no, it’s not only for Beyonce’s concerts! The app has a list of shows going on at all different venues.


Beyonce’s team noticed SideStep’s set up at one of their stops of the Formation Tour; and clearly they were impressed. I know I have opted out of buying any concert souvenirs in the past myself because of how crazy it gets, so I am sure many others have had similar experiences and will find great use in SideStep.


In addition to facilitating this process and helping out fans, SideStep will also be helping out the artists themselves! Concert merchandise brings in tons of revenue, which can’t hurt with all of the decrease in actual album sales and streaming revenue.

Although this investment made Bey a tech startup investor, this isn’t her first go-round at investing. Earlier this year, Bey invested in WTRMLN WTR – cold-pressed juiced watermelon, which is actually quite delicious if I do say so myself!

Aside from her Formation Tour, Beyonce has also kept busy with her new activewear line ‘Ivy Park,’ which she co-founded with Sir Philip Green, chairman of Arcadia Group. The clothing line just released a new campaign that has Bey bending over backwards… literally.


Written By: Daniela Posso

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