It Was All About Them! “About Him’s” Brandon Karson (@mrbrandonkarson) & Rico Pruitt (@ricopruitt) Swing Through Fresh Face Radio!

It is no secret that Signal 23 TV’s About Him is a major hit. We are not just talking about with gay audiences either, the web series has reached the masses and is pushing towards mainstream magnificence! The show owes its success primarily to the young actors who have lent their time and raw talent to making the show the sensation that it is. Thus, AUMA’s hit show, Fresh Face Radio invited two of the stars, Brandon Karson and Rico Pruitt on for what turned to be an amazing time and an even better show!

brandon karson about him hey mikey atl

Brandon and Rico, better known by their characters, Damien and Justin, not only talked about the show, but delved into their personal lives on just about every level. Some of these personal aspects included their social lives, romantic relationships, and even what they preferred behind closed doors. Yes, there was a lot of kissing and telling, and an over pouring of tea with a side of shade, as the Atlanta “kidz” would say; with the co-hosts, SoDebonair, Kooture, and Hey Mikey!

Still the best part of seeing these two “Fresh Faces” on radio was seeing that these too are real  and REALLY fun people. Often times we get caught up with characters on our favorite shows and forget at the end of the day they are doing their jobs. Brandon and Rico are fun and you get to see it in some of these clips. Check them out below and be sure you tune into Fresh Face Radio every Tuesday from 8-10 PM EST! #ItsTimeForSomethingFresh!

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