[VIDEO] New Look! New Location! “Being Mary Jane” HeadsTo The Big Apple In Season 4!

It’s the moment Being Mary Jane fans have been waiting for; the season 4 premiere date has been released. BET announced the new, highly-anticipated season will debut in January 2017. A strategic move on BET’s part many top rated shows on other major networks will likely be on their mid-season break around that time.

being mary jane

Source: BET

BET has released a teaser video of Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) exploring new territory in what seems to be New York City. The trailer doesn’t reveal much, and leaves many viewers with many questions. Has Mary Jane moved from Atlanta? Will there be new love interests and characters? Her new location could mean some of the pivotal characters won’t return or could get less screen time as new characters are introduced. Inquiring minds want to know. Whatever Mary Jane is cooking up in The City That Never Sleeps is sure to be drama-filled.

bmj cast

Source: Google Image

The show has gone through some major changes since season three ended. Mara Brock Akil, creator and show runner, left the show to pursue endeavors with Warner Bros. Television. Former producer of The Good Wife, Erica Shelton, will take over the vacant position. The show has been on hiatus for almost a year. The attention-getting teaser is the first indication that the new season is worth the wait.

Click here to watch teaser.

Written By: Chalise Macklin

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