False Statements–Jagged Edge’s Brandon Casey (@Brandon_JE) Did NOT Assault Woman!

Good news Jagged Edge fans! The twins, Brandon and Brian Casey (some people thought it might have been him who did it since they are identical) are innocent! Neither one of the singers allegedly assaulted a woman outside of their home because her child was riding his skateboard outside of their home, as TMZ reported. In fact, not only have the charges be dropped, but the restraining order has been dismissed as well. The “victim” has even recanted her allegations–with prejudice we might add–based on false statements.


We are glad this has all been cleared up. Jagged Edge definitely does not need any more bad press, and even more so making those type of allegations against someone is defamatory, inflammatory, and just all out wrong.  In hindsight it does seem rather fishy that someone would react in such a volatile way to a kid skateboarding in front of their home. Then again, false statements against celebrities are nothing new. It seems like everyone is trying to grab their fifteen minutes of fame however they get it.

We are glad you guys are all in the clear. Now we need you to get a new single out–we definitely need some club banger or ballad to rock to!

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