One of Louis Vuitton’s (@LouisVuitton) Highly Sought-After Bags Is Now an iPhone Case!

Now if you thought that your iPhone case couldn’t get anymore luxurious, when you thought wrong. Luxury houses like Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna and Gucci may produce extremely expensive clothing, but the vast majority of their income believe it or not comes from accessories. Louis Vuitton’s bags, scarves, belts, fragrances, sunglasses aren’t cheap, but they’re affordable to most people who want just that little taste of luxury to flaunt around for themselves. I mean we can all identify with wanting just a little taste of fabulousness, cant we?

Well just as of recently at their SS17 show in Paris, Louis Vuitton pulled a power move by revealing a new line of iPhone cases (for the 6, 6 plus, and hopefully the 7 and 7
plus) that mimic the house’s iconic trunks, complete with reinforced corners, studs and monogram prints. The cases come in all sorts of colors and sizes, and there are even shiny metallic gold and red crocodile options, as if holding a tiny LV trunk in your hand wasn’t flashy enough already.


Fashion editors all over the world have, unsurprisingly, lost their minds already. Elle reports that there was a five-deep swarm of editors huddled around the cases at the house’s showroom following their grand unveiling in Paris. Given the frenzy that surrounds “It” accessories (mega-trendy pieces that are sort of like the women swear world’s version of hyped sneakers), don’t expect them to stay in stock for long when they drop.

While the cases were shown alongside Louis Vuitton’s SS17 collection, if the house was really smart, they’d capitalize on the hype and drop them sooner rather than later, but we will definitely Keep an eye out for official release info.

louis-vuitton-petit-malle-trunk-bag-iphone-case-03 louis-vuitton-iphone-cases-ss17-3 louis-vuitton-petit-malle-trunk-bag-iphone-case-2 louis-vuitton-petit-malle-trunk-bag-iphone-case-1

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Written By: Mark Pollard

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