The End of “Being Mary Jane? (@beingmaryjane)” Gabrielle Union (@itsgabrielleu) Sues BET (@BET) Over Hit Series!

It looks like BET needs to lawyer up because actress Gabrielle Union is not to be played with.

I know we just announced that Michael Ealy would be joining the cast of “Being Mary Jane” for it’s fourth season but things aren’t looking sunny side up for the hit series, especially after the show’s star Gabrielle Union filed a multimillion-dollar breach of contract lawsuit against the network today.

According to Deadline, things over at the Black Entertainment Television Network are not as they seem.

Gabrielle Union

“We filed this lawsuit because of BET’s outrageous conduct toward its No. 1 star on its highest rated show,” Union’s attorney Marty Singer told Deadline last night tonight.

Filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, the 17-page suit claims that although Union’s contract calls for no more than 13 episodes a season, BET ordered 10-episode fourth and fifth seasons of the series to be shot back-to-back. Union says she and the network agreed to those terms, as long as she got a break in filming. Union and BET made a deal for maximum 13-episode seasons so the actress could continue to pursue movie roles.

“Although BET represented and assured Ms. Union before she agreed to perform in Being Mary Jane that it would never produce more than thirteen episodes per season of the series,” the suit says, “BET now wants to shoot twenty episodes of the series back-to-back and cram all of the episodes into a single season in order to fraudulently extend the term of Ms. Union’s contract, with no additional consideration, and to deprive Ms. Union of her agreed-upon compensation for the next two seasons of Being Mary Jane. It is outrageous that BET would treat one of its biggest stars in this manner after all she has done to support the network and contribute to its success.”


The suit says Union is due for a raise for every additional season the show airs. “By way of example, for Season Four of the Series, the Agreement provides that Plaintiffs are to be paid $150,000 per episode for a minimum of thirteen episodes of the Series, and for Season Five of the Series the Agreement provides that Plaintiffs are to be paid $165,000 per episode for a minimum of thirteen episodes of the Series.”

Union is seeking general damages of at least $3 million and a declaration that BET cannot seek more than 13 episodes for any season of Being Mary Jane. Series producer Breakdown Productions also is a defendant in the suit, which claims breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation.


Yikes! BET y’all better hold up your end of the bargain or else Gabrielle Union may walk away. What are your thoughts on this suit, loves?

Written By: Monique C. Tillman

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