Gabrielle Union (@itsgabrielleu) Covers Essence Magazine (@essencemag) & Chats On New Holiday Movie, “Almost Christmas!”

Gabrielle Union is truly a woman of class and the definition of a strong black audacious woman.

Union sat down recently to discuss Hollywood, marriage, motherhood, politics, sports and 90s R & B for the November issue of ESSENCE. Union spoke out on why she’s comfortable sharing the spotlight in the comedic family movie, Almost Christmas  (in theaters November 11) as well as her leading role in the hit television series, Being Mary Jane (returning in January).

“I’m at an age where my ego doesn’t live and die by how many lines I have,” says the 43-year-old stunner, who’s rocking Lanvin, Diane von Furstenberg and Michael Kors Collection in her cover story. “There’s more to life than line counting.”

Wise words spoken by a woman who truly knows her worth and knows that she is still valuable no matter how many lines or roles she obtains. This is why we love Gabrielle Union! She knows her worth and let’s nothing hinder her growth.

Everything meant to make you fall, Union has proven in her career and character that it should not hinder who you are but yet simply drive you into becoming all that you desire to be within.


Union states:

“I don’t just want to be a hired gun. I want to have a little bit more control over the narrative. The only way I can be empowered to do that is to be a producer. Now with as many projects that will have me, it’s part of the deal.”

Talk about taking things to the next level, this is a major  move by the talented actor who will also be returning as producer on the season four hit series, Being Mary Jane. “For the first time in my whole career, I’ve actually been invited to the writer’s room. I walked in there as if I was meeting the Pope”.

Confidence as well as a humble spirit defines Union no matter where you view her. On social media she dazzles in displaying herself as simply enjoying life, unfiltered.

When asked about how she is handling being married to NBA baller Dwyane Wade and raising growing Black boys, she remained reserved. “Until they walk through the door, I’m terrified, ” she says. “Sometimes I just want to stay off my timeline, because it makes those waits until they walk through the door a thousand times worse. One of my biggest fears is them being a hashtag on some bulls–t.”


Be sure to check out more of what Gabrielle Union had to say by picking you up a copy of the ESSENCE, November issue on October 14.


Watch the movie trailer below to catch Union in Almost Christmas  airing November 11.


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