[VIDEO/PHOTOS] Catch It Here! “Power” (@Power_STARZ) Season 4 Sneak Peek!

Starz’s hit series, Power may not be back until next summer, but that does not mean we have too wait so long to learn more about what is going on with James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) and the gang. A sneak peek of Season 4 has been released and it picks up where Season 3 ended with Ghost not too happy about being locked up by his now ex-girlfriend, Angela Valdes for a crime he did not commit. Check it out by clicking here!


“Angela was the one person who he felt really had his back in terms of knowing who he wanted to be, and who believed he could be that person,” Hardwick told EW last month. “But now he’s left to think, ‘I didn’t really know this person.’ He’s hurt, and he’s vulnerable.”

Next season is going to be bananas! Ghost is behind bars and everyone is working an angle to get him out or keep him in. Then, not to mention, Naturi Haughton recently let it slip that Lala Anthony’s character, “Lakeisha,” is not dead! We cannot wait for Season 4 and are currently lobbying for Starz to do a minimum of two seasons a year.


50 Cent’s character “Kanan” has been one of the biggest villains of the series over the last two seasons. We wish we knew what will be happening with him next. If anyone has any rumors or tips be sure to hit us up!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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