No More “Vincent?” “About Him’s” Gary Lavard (@GaryLavard) To Leave The Hit Web Series!?

Signal 23 TV’s About Him has been a runaway hit! The LGBT web series is not only critically acclaimed, but has become a phenomenon that has spawned multiple spin-offs, About Justin and About Her, and even a tour. We definitely attribute all of this to the amazing writing and casting. The latter of which consists of some of the most attractive men we have seen in quite some time. Which is why with all of this success and steam behind the series, we were surprised to hear one of its main stars was leaving the series for good.

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As you know, actor Gary Lavard portrays “Vincent” on the series, Damien’s (Brandon Karson) love interest and his older brother’s best friend. Much of the drama on the series centers around the two aforementioned characters “cat and mouse” courtship. That however does not negate the fact we have been receiving anonymous tips, and heard from sources close to the cast, that Gary would not be returning for a second season. The tips and sources all allege he does not want to be boxed in to only doing gay roles and that his training and resume are just “too big” for the show.

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We have to admit Gary does is building a pretty impressive resume as he is soon to appear in Fast 8, boasts a number of completed projects and films, and he has formal active training and education. Still, WE LOVE VINCE and would hate to see him go. Naturally, we went straight to Gary to find out once and for all will he be back next season–and he responded! See below.


He definitely kept it short, sweet, and simple, but it was still effective nonetheless! Now maybe we can let these rumors die down and our inbox can get a little rest. Do not worry, we will be keeping you posted on the About Him franchise as the new shows debut and Season 2 begins. Until then we have ears to the street, stay tuned for more news!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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