[VIDEO] #CutForBeyonce, #BleedForBeyonce? A Few Members of The BeyHive Go Too Far For Queen Bey (@beyonce)!

We all know that Beyonce has one of the most powerful followings on the planet. The BeyHive as we affectionately dub her die hard fans ride or die for Bey like none other. Sure the Tamar has her “Tamartians,” Rihanna has her “Navy”, oh and of course Mariah Carey has (had) her “Lambs,” but we do not know if any of them would do for their queens what some Beyonce fans are doing in light of her recent Tidal performance. As you may recall, Beyonce accidentally ripped her ear lobe on stage while performing–and did not miss a beat with the show. Yes, King Bey pushed through and finished her set, which you can see below.

beyonce hey mikey atl

Well to show their devotion a few fans began cutting themselves in honor of Beyonce and posted the pictures online with hashtags, #BleedForBeyonce and #CutForBeyonce! It began as a joke on Twitter, but when we you see pictures of cut ears and slit wrists things instantly become scary.  See one pic below.

cut for beyonce hey mikey atl

So yeah…these people should definitely seek professional help. Self-jury or mutilation in the name of Beyonce is clearly delusional and unhinged from reality. We are sure Beyonce does not want her fans, or anyone for the matter, hurting themselves in her name. This is just weird. Get it together people!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

Mikey hey mikey atl michael j. fanning

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