RZA (@RZA) Says Azealia Banks’ (@AZEALIABANKS) Memory Is Cloudy When It Comes To Alleged Russell Crowe (@russellcrowe) Altercation

Earlier this week rapper Azealia Banks accused actor Russell Crowe of attacking her at a party. Apparently, Azealia was a guest at Russell’s dinner party over the weekend. The party was held at a Beverly Hills hotel and it appears that the event went from zero to one hundred very quickly. According to Azealia, she tried to make a joke that didn’t get the reaction she planned on. Azealia alleges that her joke may have bruised a few egos and rubbed a few guests the wrong way and that as punishment she found herself being choked. It doesn’t end there, Banks alleges that she was also spat on and called racial slurs all by the hands of yep, you guessed it, Russell Crowe.

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Russell denies all the allegations but Banks says that their scuffle made it to the hallway of the hotel in clear view of the security cameras. Banks has made claims that the video will show the whole ordeal that took place. Russell’s camp is also hoping that the security cameras captured the altercation because Russell feels it will show that Azealia’s claims or false. The Beverly Hills Police Department has shown interest in seeing the video due to Banks filing a battery report.

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Now, the plot has thickened. Apparently, Wu-Tang member RZA was also in attendance when the alleged altercation supposedly took place. Unfortunately, for Azealia, RZA recounts the events of the night occurring much differently. According to RZA, there was indeed an altercation between Azealia and Russell. Also, RZA states that he witnessed Russell spit on Banks. RZA took it upon himself to go to Facebook and tell the world how he saw the events of the evening unfold. According to RZA’s post, Russell spits on Azealia after she attempted to cut one of his guest with a glass she had picked up. RZA went on to say that Azealia was drunk and that he had never seen a person act that way.

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RZA also provided TMZ with more details from that night. Check out the video here.

So, what are your thoughts? Whose side are you on, Team Banks or Team Crowe? Let me know in the comments.

Written By: Ronda Brooks

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