[VIDEO] Actor Trevante Rhodes (@_Trevante_) Says, ‘I Easily Could Have Been Born Loving Men’

Actor Trevante Rhodes is the rising star of “Moonlight” a new drama that is in limited release but will be released nationwide on November 4th of this year. The drama is written and directed by Barry Jenkins and is about a young African American boy named Chiron. The movie follows Chiron’s journey from his teenage years to adulthood growing up as a gay male in Miami.

moonlight 1

Trevante plays Chiron as an adult in the movie who is still struggling with his sexuality and his place in society. Trevante is a former track star who attended the Univeristy of Texas. Rhodes was discovered by a casting director while jogging on campus. Trevante told People Magazine about his experience while filming.

“I feel like I’m kind of spoiled, because everything about the film was so incredibly special and I know that’s not something that happens all the time. It talks about a subject matter that is prevalent today. Being a black man in America is relatively difficult right now, being a gay man in America is incredibly difficult and so being a black, gay man, like I’ve said before, can be perceived as the worst possible thing right now. So it is something that we need, that the world needs, and I’m thinking it’s a beautiful thing that people are receiving it. I didn’t think we were ready for something like that. And it’s really surprising and really refreshing to me to see that people are.”

moonlight 2

Although the film is only out on limited release, the movie started having an effect on the public with its release of the two minute trailer.

“When the trailer dropped for the first time it was interesting because it’s a two minute trailer, and I didn’t really expect people to come up to me. But in the gym I had people come up to me teary-eyed and express their love and gratitude for the work. It’s just the most insane thing.”

Trevante also explained to People that the key factor in preparing for this role was to take out the differences of being gay and being straight.

“I was born loving women but I could have easily been born loving men. It’s the exact same sensation…you don’t fall in love with someone for their physical, but for their mental. It was really just about being me it was really just falling in love with the person that Andre Holland is. I respect him, I love him for the father figure he is. For me, it wasn’t about ‘pulling from’ [anything]. One of my best friends is homosexual so I knew his struggle, but it wasn’t about pulling from that. It was really just about understanding people, understanding love and relationships…As actors and directors, I feel like our job, more so than anything else, is to shine a light on a subject and to let people know that they’re not alone.”

moonlight 3

Trevante and critics alike feel that the movie will be a great success and have an impact on all who come to see it.

“I think the main reason why this movie is going to be so impactful, or I pray that it’s going to be impactful, is because in being so specific, it becomes universal. If we can fathom stripping away sexual orientation, skin color, sex, we’re all the exact same: We just want connection. We just want love.”

You can check out the trailer to the anticipated movie below.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think a movie such as this is needed to shed light on this sensitive subject? Will you be in line to see this movie when it is released nationwide? Let me know in the comments.

Written By: Ronda Brooks

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