Lil Fizz (@Airfizzo) Announces The Release Of His Book On Fatherhood!

Lil Fizz best known for being a member and rapper of the R&B group, B2K and currently, starring  on the television show, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood is releasing a book. The rapper went to Instagram on yesterday to announce the soon to be released book.

 “Excited about my new book coming out titled “No Excuses: Being the Father My Son Deserves”! I wrote it with one of my fav authors @bwilliamsauthor. Y’all have to check it out…trust me! It’ll be released online & everywhere books are sold soon.”



Lil Fizz is a father to son ‘Kamron David Frédéric’ with ex-girlfriend Moniece Slaughter. We are so proud of him for putting out a book that shines the light on being a great father. This is about the best book to be released currently in a society where so many black men are being labeled as “dead beat fathers”.


Back in June, Lil Fizz had to deal with a bad report from his son’s mother,  Moniece Slaughter during an interview with VLAD TV.

Slaughter sat down with VLAD TV and revealed that while she and Lil Fizz are parents to an adorable son, if Fizz had his way in the past, it would not be the same story.


She decided to come for rumors that she is a bad mother once again by telling the truth about what Fizz thought about her pregnancy years ago.

“What I was trying to say at the reunion was when I had the baby or when I got pregnant, my parents wanted me to terminate, initially Drew wanted me to terminate. He tried to accuse me of the baby not being his.” She added, “So Kamron is here because I wanted him here more than anyone else because he wouldn’t be here.”

She also added that while she is the one who is said to be a “deadbeat” mom, Fizz was not always necessarily father of the year.

No matter what the reports are saying, Lil Fizz is set to deliver a different story with the release of his book and we are definitely looking forward to hearing what the rapper has to say about being a father to his son. This is about the most precious thing a father can do for his son. His handsome son will forever be able to read about his father’s thoughts on raising him and being what his son deserves without any excuses!



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