Paris Police Chief States There’s “No Doubt” Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian) Was Robbed

It has been a few weeks since Kim Kardashian was reportedly bound, gagged, and robbed in a Parisian hotel. Since then the public’s reaction to this situation has been rather mixed; some news sites like Media Takeout and The Huffington Post were even sued for stating the robbery was fake. Kim herself has been laying low and staying out of the public eye. It is even rumored she is leaving Keeping Up With The Kardashians and changing her lifestyle, not wanting to be targeted again.

Well the Paris police chief, Christian Sainte, presiding over the case is definitely vouching for her, stating there is “no doubt” she was robbed!

via The Huffington Post

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Sainte told Vanity Fair, “At this time, there is no doubt about the reality of the crime.” 

The nature of the crime ― a home robbery, or “home-jacking” ― is one that Vanity Fair said is on the rise in Paris, after electronic security measures made robbing banks more difficult, and high taxes led people to store their cash and valuables at home. Paris police writer Frédéric Ploquin told the outlet that the criminals who carry out these kind of heists now represent a “new type of gangster in France.” 

Though the police chief couldn’t give specific details about the nature of the investigation, he did say that Kardashian was “giving information on social media all the time.” Some have speculated that the robbers tracked the reality star’s jewelry on her social media accounts.

Despite how we might feel about Kim or the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner Clan, we are glad she is safe and sound. She is still a human being and the mother of two. Rest up Kim.

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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