[PHOTOS] It Went Down in The DM! Tahj Mowry Eggplant Pix Allegedly Leaked By Scorned Gay Man!

This has been the year of celebrity eggplants and morning wood as more male celebrities have gone frontal–willingly, accidentally, and unknowingly–than ever before. Well apparently we can now add former child star, Tahj Mowry, to that list! Yep, a man has come forward with screenshots from his Instagram DM conversation with Tahj where they were allegedly planning to work on music together and hook up…You can be the judge by checking out the convo and eggplant picture below. WARNING: The pictures are uncensored, viewer discretion is advised.

tahj mowry dick pics gay hey mikey atl

tahj mowry dick pics gay hey mikey atl

cont’d next page!


Now it gets sexual…

tahj mowry dick pics gay hey mikey atl

tahj mowry dick pics gay hey mikey atl

Tahj then allegedly blocked the man.


We are not sure what is going with all of this, but Tahj has not released a statement concerning any of this. This is not the first time his sexuality has been questioned or scrutinized. In November of last year he “liked” a few pictures of a male body builder on IG and the story was picked up mainly by Fameolous and SandraRose, and it was rumored he was dating Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked and Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood. We feel they were reaching with that story, but this does look questionable. First, is the guy outing him because they did not have sex? And how old is this DM conversation between them, some sources are alleging it is a year old! We are not sure, but either way people need to be careful who they send their nudes to. Guys keep your penises off social media!


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  1. this is photoshopped because if u look at the ig page, it shows he has 1431 post but the page clearly shows no posts yet. the person trying to make lies about tahj clearly took the info from tahj real page and photo shopped and created a new page with it. smh it sad ppl go through so much to bring someone down.

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