How “On Demand” Media Is Making Entertainment Better for Everyone

 If you were to stop any 100 people walking down the street to ask them what they perceive as the most exciting thing to hit the world of entertainment, including new television shows, movies, Sky TV channel additions or literally anything they love about the world of entertainment in the 21st Century, chances are you will get at least 50% of those you poll saying they are thrilled to have on demand media. This is something that has evolved quite quickly in the scheme of things but is something that has transformed the way we view media in a radical way.

A Quick Trip through Time

Actually, the very beginning of this trend for streaming media probably can be traced back to two different sources. One would be YouTube with its millions of videos that have been uploaded which people can view at any time of the day or night and from literally any device that is connected to the Internet. The other type of on demand media that excited Internet users was the concept of a podcast which predated YouTube by about a year. YouTube was the brainchild of PayPal employees who wanted a video sharing site for the public to upload and share videos and it went live on February 14, 2005.

Podcasting began in 2004 and two men, Dave Winer and Adam Curry are credited with creating the podcast. However, it is uncertain who did what and when but it is for certain that these two guys were the creators of the podcast. We are only going back approximately 12 years but the speed at which the Internet is evolving makes those 12 very long years indeed. Having the ability to stream on-demand videos and live media has become the media delivery of choice and with the advent of smart devices, on demand media has literally taken over the world of entertainment.


What Is So Exciting About On Demand Media?

As mentioned above, on demand media has become so popular because viewers are no longer bound to their living rooms in order to watch a show or even play a game with other players in real time. It’s exciting to know that you can watch just about anything you want, at any time you want, no matter where you are. There is, however, one exception. You must have an Internet connection for the media to stream through. Other than that, you can watch on demand media on a tiny smartphone screen, a laptop, a tablet, a desktop TV, a smart TV and even wearable devices with little mini screens. Streaming media on demand is perhaps the single most exciting invention in the world of entertainment except maybe moving pictures that came about in the 1890s in a very primitive technology.

Any Way You Want It

From gaming shows like Sun Bingo’s “Having a Ball” which you can learn about here, to blockbuster movies that have just been released for television (mass media) viewing, there is always something you can find to watch or do with on demand streaming media. Church services are carried live on podcast type streaming media and the latest news is also available live as it happens. You can pick and choose the type of programming you watch and the best part is that most often on demand streaming media is much more affordable than even satellite television that to date, has been extremely affordable. With on demand services you can pick and choose, mix and match packages or pay per view with no package at all. And with more users accessing the Internet from mobile devices, on demand services give consumers just what they want. Programming straight to their mobile phone.

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