Jay Z (@S_C_) Reportedly Enters Bid For Prince’s Unreleased Music


Shawn ‘Jay Z‘ Carter never fails at putting his money where his mouth is. The Tidal music streaming service owner wants streaming rights to all of the late great Prince‘s unreleased music; and according to TMZ he is willing to pay up to $40 million for it!

Apparently the NYC rapper and business man flew out Tyka Nelson, which is Prince’s only full-blood sister, and her husband Maurice Phillips, to New York for a meeting to discuss the iconic Prince’s music that has not yet been released. $40 million sounds like a pretty generous offer, however, Jay Z is not the only one bidding and Tyka is not the only person who’s approval is required for the deal. The rest of Prince’s family would have to sign off on the agreement in order for it to happen.

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Although many of the reports are claiming that the unreleased music is up for sale, it seems as though that isn’t necessarily true. According to Billboard, L. Londell McMillan, an advisor to Prince’s estate, responded to these reports stating that “there is no sale [of Prince’s music assets], and those responsible for the assets are not in discussions with anyone regarding a sale.” According to Billboard the rep also made clear that the estate is considering offers to license, not sell, Prince’s unreleased music.

Well, Prince may not have had any idea that there would be all of these high bidders after his tracks, but it seems like he did have a good idea of his art’s worth even before he passed. According to BBC, these exclusive unreleased tracks were located in the basement of Prince’s Paisley Park estate behind a steel door that had to be drilled open by the company controlling the estate.


Warner Bros., which Prince was once signed to, announced that they will be releasing a compilation ‘best-of’ album of Prince’s greatest hits titled ‘Prince 4Ever.’ According to Warner Bros., Prince was aware of and agreed with their plans for the album before he passed, and it will not include any music made after Prince left the label in 1996. The 40-track album is set to be released in early of next year.


Meanwhile, neither Jay Z or Tyka Nelson have yet to make any comments on reports of their meeting.

Written By: Daniela Posso

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