#Juicy! Stevie J (@hitmansteviej) & His New Baby Mama Go To War!

Stevie J should really keep his penis to himself, because no good comes from it! Apparently, Stevie is about to be a father AGAIN, this time with his personal (no pun intended) assistant, MJ. She has appeared on a few episodes of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta in the past. MJ Took to IG making a post where she alleges Joseline Hernandez has been contacting her from fake IG accounts.

Naturally, and unsurprisingly, Stevie clapped back with shade of his own alleging she had an abortion and did drugs with him.

They continued to clash for all to see in the comments section on the post. Fameolous provided us with the deets

This is all a bit crazy, but then again this is a woman and Stevie J, a combination that is always an endless source of drama. Get it together people! At least we know what next season’s story line will be.

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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