The Shenanigans Continue…Keshia Knight-Pulliam (@peachespulliam) Wants Ed Hartwell (@edhartwell1) in Jail for Refusing Paternity Test!

It has been a few months since Ed Hartwell and Keshia Knight-Pulliam’s marriage came to a messy end. As you recall, Ed filed for divorce from her, accusing her of cheating and alleging their unborn child is not his. Keshia fired back in a scathing interview on Entertainment Tonight refuting his claims and even implying she might be taking legal action against his ex-wife, Lisa Wu Hartwell, for accusing her of stealing Ed. Well just when we thought things died down Keshia now alleges Ed is refusing to take a paternity test AND she wants him locked up for it!


via TMZ:

Pulliam just filed new docs saying she’s already submitted her court ordered DNA sample … but Ed missed the deadline. She wants a judge to find him in contempt, and lock him up until he hands over his sample.

That’s not all … Keshia wants Ed to register all his guns solely under his own name. They previously had weapons registered together, but Keshia wants to cut ties due to what she calls Ed’s uncontrollable temper

Keshia’s also asking the judge to order Ed to pay half her moving fees and household bills from the home they shared. And if you wanna know how petty this split is — she’s demanding he buck up for her pooch’s “flea treatment.”


This is all a bit much, but we cannot understand why Ed would dodge a paternity test? After all, finding out if the child is actually his is the easy part. We feel he should just tell the truth–he and Keshia got married too fast and too soon and he got her pregnant before realizing he made a mistake. Quickie marriages are not new in Hollywood. Get it together guys. Does anyone have Iyanla Vanzant on speed dial? This certainly needs to be on her case load.

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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