[PHOTOS] This Looks Suspect? Keyshia Cole’s Ex-Husband, Daniel Gibson (@BooBysWorld1), Has Been Outted by Alleged Boyfriend!

This celebrity news/gossip world just keeps on poppin’! When we say poppin’ we mean like Reddenbaucher! The latest piece of news we have concerns one of our favorite ‘hood singers and her now ex-husband. Yes, you guys, we are talking about Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson!  Apparently, Daniel is not only done with Keyshia, but may be giving women all together a rest for awhile as he has been.

Earlier today news broke that Daniel Gibson now is in a new relationship with a man, Celebrity Hairdresser, Jaylon Aaron!

jaylon aaron

Celebrity Hair Dresser, Jaylon Aaron

Naturally, we wanted to dismiss this as another bout of celebrity gossip, but celebrity gossip site, Fameolous, had receipts in the form of  some rather incriminating photos posted by Jaylon himself. Check them out below!

daniel gibson

Sorry Daniel, but this does look suspect. The angle that these pictures were taken and then….their bedside! Jaylon has come forward on his own Instagram and posted a statement disavowing any type of romantic relationship with Daniel, despite what these photos imply. See it below

This is all a bit much! We are not sure what is going on between Daniel and Jaylon or if this is warranted any special attention. Any publicity is good publicity we guess, especially in Mr. Gibson’s case. All we know is that perception is everything! What do you guys think? Are Daniel and Jaylon together? Sound off below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): Dante Brown (@dantethepoet) Talks Lethal Weapon (@LethalWeaponFOX), Music, & His Bright Future!

dante brown

Chicago actor and rapper, Dante Brown, is destined for stardom as his theatrical talents shine through in the new FOX’s hit series, Lethal Weapon.

At just the young age of 17, Dante Brown has already accomplished so much from his role in Law & Order: SVU to Showtime’s Shameless and countless other appearances. Now he is starring alongside Hollywood heavy weights, Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford as Roger Murtaugh Jr., Wayans’s rebellious teenage son. Seeing how Brown is currently the same age as his character on the show, it was easy for him to connect to the role organically.

“My character is super intelligent and he’s a very obedient kid that’s stepping out of his shell,” said Brown. “I have a smart sense about myself and I obey everything my parents tell me to do. We connect in having similar parents.”

Having seasoned costars like Damon Wayans gives Brown the opportunity to learn and gain tools to succeed in the entertainment industry but with comedians on set, Brown finds himself laughing the most.

“I enjoy the fun that we have on set and the connection we all have together,” said Brown. “It’s amazing because [Wayans] he’s so open towards me and we’re always cracking jokes and making each other laugh. It’s great being around him.”

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You’re Invited! Essence (@essencemag) Presents “My City 4 Ways!”

essence my city 4 ways

Essence Magazine is the creme de la creme of publications so it’s no shock that they host some pretty stellar events!

Enter My City 4 Ways, an Atlanta Event presented by Essence and something we at Kontrol Magazine are more than happy to invite you out to!

loni love

Loni Love

The event will take place at the Mason Fine Art Gallery where patrons will be treated “four ways” with food, music, art, and style–but most of all fun. The event will feature some pretty amazing people as well like The Real co-host and comedienne, Loni Love, DJ Princess Cut, award winning food blogger of Eating With Erica, Erica Key, Grammy nominated singer and songwriter, Anthony David, visual artist and designer, Kashmir Thompson, and Lead Designer and Visionary behind the timeless fashion brand Sylvia Mollie, Kenya Freeman!

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Surprise, Surprise! Woman Claims To Be The Wife Of Prince!


The legendary singer-songwriter Prince has been died for about 7 months now. There have been tributes to his artistry and his house is now a museum. There have been people to claim that they were relatives and children of the musician. It seems like the whole world wanted to have some sort of connection with the musical genius. Just when you thought things had calmed down in walks Claire Elizabeth Elliot. I know what you’re thinking; who is Claire Elizabeth Elliot? Well, Ms. Elliot is the wife of Prince. Oh, you didn’t know? Apparently, no one else did either.

Singer-songwriter PrinceElliot has petitioned the court to have Bremer Trust Bank removed as the administrator of Prince’s estate and to have herself added as executor. Why might you ask? According to Elliot, she is Prince’s wife.   Elliot says she was married to Prince when he died and he wanted all of his money to be given only to his wife. Elliot claims to be the “Sole Heir” to Prince’s estate.

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Breakout Music Producer James Worthy (@kingjamesworthy) Talks Music Nostalgia

james worthy

In the busy streets of Atlanta, aspiring musicians, producers, and songwriters come a dime a dozen, but not everyone has the flair and; all with the exception of Mr. James Worthy, however. Billboard Songwriter/Producer James Worthy is a breakout star in the music industry. Self-taught, Worthy has all the tips & trades when it comes to creating a masterpiece within his musical ability, and is not afraid to share in his new tell-all book Music Nostalgia, an up and coming musician’s guide on the do’s and don’t’s of the music industry.

unnamed-copy“Music Nostalgia is basically an autobiography/producer and songwriters manual.”

“So I’m pretty much giving my story, my background, giving tips of the trade on what you need to do to get into the music industry, basically, musicians do’s and don’t’s.”

Worthy’s new book tells the many works of his career from business to his build on stardom. Associated with his many producer/songwriter credits with Grammy nominated artists & award winners like Silk, Tony Sunshine of Terror Squad, Bobby Brown, Petey Pablo, Yung Berg, Bonecrusher, T-Pain, Tyra B, Future, Michael Keith of 112, Lil Zane, and so many others.

“The whole premise of this book is to not only give information to new musicians coming in the industry but to also give people something to study. When they listen to me at my panels and have specific questions about the industry this is my way of giving them answers and something to study.”

Worthy continues,

“It pretty much sums my whole journey from the beginning of my career to where I am now, how I made it and the steps that I took. Just kind of giving my journey in a book format going into different eras of music and going to what I’m doing myself with the kind of leverage that I have in the music industry.”

You might be curious on how he got to where he is now, right? Well according to Worthy he has had to work his butt off for years and it surely did not happen over night. For success like Worthy’s, it takes long hours of hard work, and drive, but not only that a business mindset as well. This was a topic of discussion at a panel in which he was invited to speak. This, of course, being A3C panel which was organized and facilitated by NJT Enterprises in Atlanta. In which Worthy states,

“I did a panel for the city of Atlanta through A3C where we had a great turnout and discussion on the music industry. I just love giving information especially to people who aren’t very familiar with the business aspect of the industry, that was a big highlight of the panel and I’m just really glad we were able to touch that.”

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Married To Medicine- “The Father, The Son, and Heavenly’s Spirit”

Dr. Heavenly tries to change her ways; Dr. Simone’s father is still m.i.a., and Lisa Nicole wants to be her husband’s best friend. That’s pretty much what happened in last night’s episode of “Married To Medicine”. If you missed it, don’t worry I have your full recap right here.

QuadThe show began with Quad, Dr. Jackie, and Dr. Simone preparing for their road trip to Nashville. Before the trio hits the road, Simone and Jackie thought it would be fun to play a little April Fool’s prank on Quad. The ladies tell Quad that they are going to pick up Mariah to help them in their search for Simone’s father. Quad’s facial expression changes drastically revealing her disgust. Quad decides to be a team player and agrees to pick up Mariah. Jackie and Simone quickly tell Quad that it was just a joke.

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2016 Soul Train Awards: Brandy (@4everBrandy) & Teddy Riley (@TeddyRiley1) Receive Honors!

It’s that time of year again where the who’s who in R&B and Soul music gather together to celebrate their achievements. Yep, you guessed it. The red carpet was rolled out for the 2016 Soul Train Music Awards. This year’s special honorees were Brandy and Teddy Riley. 

The award show was held in Las Vegas, Nevada and was hosted by the one and only Erykah Badu. The “Call Tyrone” singer was a great host as she demonstrated to the audience that she could go from comedian to performer and back to host with the greatest of ease.

Teyana TaylorThe night was full of dynamic performances. Sisqo and Dru Hill opened up the show with a performance that made you want to jump on stage and dance. Other performers of the night included Anderson.Paak, Bobby Brown, D.R.A.M., Ma$e, Doug E. Fresh, India Arie, BJ The Chicago Kid, Guy, Candice Boyd, Carl Thomas, Eric Benèt, Major, Ro James, Tito Jackson, V. Bozeman, Wreckx-n-Effect, and Yuna. The guests of honor, Teddy Riley, and Brandy also had stellar performances.

The return of the Soul Cypher was a big hit of the show last night. The participants this year included Tyrese, Gladys Knight, Angie Stone, and Ne-yo with Ms. Badu being the DJ.

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