#CelebrityCrush-Kylie Bunbury (@kyliebunbury)

kylie bunbury zetaboard

One thing the world needs a lot more of is fresh faces–especially television and Hollywood! It looks this season (finally), however, Fox is moving in the right direction with a slew of fresh faces, revamps, and concepts with its Fall lineup. Their hit series, Pitch, however is currently the crown piece. The show centers around Genevieve “Ginny” Baker, the first female player in Major League Baseball, struggling to be accepted in a sport and world where being female is anything but welcoming.

Ginny is portrayed by breakout beauty, Kylie Bunbury. We must say we are smitten!

kylie bunbury zetaboard

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada this amazing actress steals scenes and hearts every Thursday night. Kylie may be relatively new to the scene but she has already been in films like The Sitter, Twisted, and Prom each amazing movies where she shined! As Ginny she is really gave a new take on America’s favorite past time, and when you couple her with veteran actor, Mark Paul Gosselaar, you cannot help but win!


Now let’s talk about how sexy this girl is. We have thing for soft, smooth looking skin and Kylie Bunbury looks ridiculous flawless. This is a woman who is gorgeous without even trying. She is kind of like your girl next door meets angel! Then there’s her lips and those eyes. Are ya’ll melting inside like we are? They think Drake is the true star of Canada, but give Kylie a few years and we are sure she will be walking Red Carpets with the pros. We will be sure to keep you all posted on Kylie, unlike another person who shares her name, she seems pretty worthwhile! That is why she is this week’s Celebrity Crush!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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