[VIDEO] Get The Skin You “Krave!” Krave Sweets–The Body Products You’ll Kill For!

krave sweets

When it comes  to skincare everyone is looking to boost their own radiant and natural glow. Truthfully, the shelves of any store are lined with products that claim to do just that–with a hefty price and a few side effects. Well to get the skin you truly “Krave” with products made of all natural ingredients check out Krave Sweets!

krave sweets

Krave Sweets is a line of skincare products created by beauty expert and naturalist, Ebony Pagnotta, consisting of body scrubs, lip balm, body cream, and sensual body oils. “…I had like a regular corporate job and I was in a relationship with this older guy. In the end the job ended, the guy ended and I basically was at like rock bottom and I moved back to my mom’s house…I woke up one day and I was like so sad and I had this horrible breakout–I mean I didn’t look like myself, I didn’t feel like myself–everything was just bad…I was like this is a result of me not taking care of myself and not putting myself first, you have to put yourself first or nobody will…I was really just caught up on him…so I was asking my mom how can I fix my skin it looks so bad and I don’t feel godd because I didn’t look good and she was like try a bunch of stuff over the counter and it was not working. All the over the counter stuff was not good in the long run, it worked for a day and then not all…so I kept thinking how I could fix this. My grandmother had the best skin ever–97 years of great skin–so I was like lemme take this back to the basics…she was born in 1915 and they didn’t have any Retinol or salycic acid or anything like that…so I did a little research for natural things to heal the skin and found all this healthy stuff. So the first thing I did was a sugar scrub–a lemon sugar scrub–so I literally started mixing things up…I was on a mission to fix my face, my body emotionally and physically and came up with a recipe. Once I perfected it on me I tried it on other people–my friends and family –then it worked on them and it went from there.”

krave sweets

The thing we love the most about Krave Sweets‘ products is how they smell! Lemon, mint, coffee, grapefruit–these are all fragrances that make heads turn and hearts sing. Most importantly, however, is that they are unisex. One of the biggest misconceptions about masculinity is that men should smell “manly;” which is often synonymous with musty, sweaty, or just unpleasant body odor. That may have worked for the wilderness man in the late 19th century, but in 2016 guys have to smell better than they look. “My products are made for everyone, yes men and women can use them…guys are skeptical at first until they actually try the product on themselves and then they’re hooked. Men have told me they like the way their skin looked and felt after using it and some women have actually had to come back and buy more products from me after they found out their husbands, boyfriends, and brothers had been using their stuff…”

krave sweets

I had the privilege of trying out a few Krave Sweets products–the gorgeous grapefruit body scrub, lemony twist whipped cream body cream, sensual peppermint oil, and peppermint lip balm. All I can say is I’m addicted! The grapefruit scrub was invigorating and life giving. I noticed a difference in my skin texture and overall tone after my first use. It was as if my skin alone had gone through a detox. I liked the scrub so much I purchased and tried the coffee based body scrub, Brown is the new Bold body scrub. It too felt amazing and the cinnamon-coffee scent it leaves on you is intoxicating. I got compliments for days from it!

The sensual peppermint oil is primarily for topical use, but works better with a partner, if you catch my drift. The peppermint in it gives a strong, tingling sensation and is true aromatherapy! It easily opens your sinuses and if you’re an avid gym goer it keeps you cool while you work out. We even met a personal trainer who swears by it! Finally the peppermint lip balm, unlike most other lip balms, actually repairs and heals yours lips while making you smell good!

Krave Sweets definitely has a lifelong customer now and i cannot wait to buy more products. To get your own amazing products check out the website, www.ikravesweets.com, and the promo video below. It’s time to give your skin the love it “Kraves!”

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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