The Multi-Talented Master of Making It Happen! Tripp Ali (@Abarex) Is A Star On The Rise!

tripp ali
Tripp Ali

The grind never stops and the hustle never sleeps! Few people know this better than Tripp Ali–singer, songwriter, director, screenwriter, actor–and did we forget an all around great guy! Tripp has been a mainstay in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades, and his level of success continues to rise. You may know him from hit web series like About Him, Freefall, Steel River, and Kaleidoscope, or the web/reality series, The Boyz Next Door Atlanta, but that is only a fraction of who he is and the talent he houses. There are a number of people we can list as quintuple threats, but very few of them boast Tripp’s skills and abilities. He cites his genes and supportive family as the source of his ability “to do just about anything.” “People in my family are very talented, so I guess it just runs in my blood; we have singers, musicians, writers…everyone is really supportive of everything I do. I can truly say my family loves me and has back hard and I love’em more for it.”

the good wifey movie poster

Hailing from Cleveland Ohio, Tripp began his journey in the music industry at the tender age of seventeen when he signed his first record deal. He then went on to travel and create music with the legendary rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s Mo Thugs. Later he moved to New York City to further his music career and began dabbling in screenwriting and directing. The result was phenomenal! He wrote and directed the hit film, The Good Wifey (2012), starring  Persia White (Girlfriends), David Ramsey (Arrow), Chico Bennymon (Half & Half), and Tangi Miller (Madea’s Family Reunion). Impressively, the film went on to sell out in Redboxes nationwide and was the fourth best selling DVD in sales at Wal-Mart for three weeks straight! “A lot of people don’t know I wrote that, but I am really happy with how it did…it was no easy feat and success like that on a non-studio film is kind of unheard of…The movie [The Good Wifey] is really thrilling, the cast is amazing, and that’s why people love it so much…”

brandon karson and tripp ali

Tripp Ali & Brandon Karson

Tripp admits music is still his first love, and is still making music, however, his role as “Tex” on About Him was really an eye opener. In the series he initially serves as another possible love interest for the protagonist, Damien (Brandon Karson), but soon their relationship develops more into a friendship and mentor type of relationship. “I really like how Tex’s character was incorporated into the series. You know a lot of times these younger guys need some guidance when they are first getting into the life. They try to be something they not, chasing after someone who not feeling them, or they just lost in general. They need a guide sometimes, someone’s who’s been through all of this before and can steer them away from some trouble; not someone who’s tryna smash them.” As aforementioned, Tripp was also a part of the hybrid web and reality series, The Boyz Next Door Atlanta, where he and six other guys navigated the titular city while dealing with love, setbacks, drama, and some major squabbling. Tripp states he would return to the show if another season was done, but only really if a few things changed. “Everybody’s gotta get their time on there. I just feel like there are certain number of people on the show for a reason. Show what’s going on with everyone…” He goes on to reveal his current relationships with his former cast members. “Naw I don’t talk to any of’em. We aren’t friends. We cam together to do a show and that’s what it was…”

the plug logo

The phrase, “never not working” definitely applies to Mr. Ali. After all, with his skill set, there is no surprise there. Tripp’s latest project lands him on radio with a new show, The Plug, co-hosted by himself and his About Him cast mate, Brandon Karson. The show, a new, hip, and trendy radio show showcasing the best of entertainment, beauty, fashion, and social media.

brandon karson and tripp ali

Unique segments will include the bi-weekly “Insta-Grammys,” highlighting the best and brightest of Instagram who excel in beauty, comedy, or are grinding like no other; and “Brutally Honest w/ Tripp & Brandon,” a weekly advice segment where listeners will get REAL and blunt advice from both hosts. Confirmed guests are Gary Lavard (“Fast 8,” About Him”), Rico Pruitt (About Him, About Justin), Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning (celebrity blogger & radio personality), Davien Harlis (actor, indie filmmaker, & model), Keever West(singer), and Avehre (singer). “I’m so excited about it [The Plug]! It’s gonna be something everybody can really get into…it’s time for something different on the radio, and I feel Brandon and I are two totally different guys, with perspectives that people can respect and understand…that’s the chemistry we have.”

tripp ali

Tripp Ali is truly a rising star and we have no doubt we will be hearing far more from him. Whether he is steaming it up on web series, making movies, or singing us to serenity, this man is nothing short of amazing. Walking in your truth and embracing who you are accomplishments; and in this he is truly a master. “You can only be yourself, by knowing yourself, and knowing you are worthy of greatness. Nobody gotta tell you that, it’s in you…” Be sure you catch Tripp tomorrow night from 7-8 PM EST on The Plug!

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