Soulja Boy (@souljaboy) Puts A Hit Out On Chicago Rapper!

soulja boy

Soulja Boy Searches For Hit Man On Twitter

Soulja Boy has officially lost his mind, again.

Just a week after it was reported that the rapper had been sued for threatening to kill a man, the Crank that Soulja Boy star went on a Twitter rant putting a hit out on a rapper in Chicago.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Soulja posted: “I got 100k cash right now who in Chicago wanna kill this Ni**a for me,” and “He gon be dead before 2017. We sliding. I got 100k on his head.”

Soulja Boy Threatens Rapper

It didn’t take long for fans and followers to respond to Soulja’s hit out on the rapper who he failed to reveal. The responses were to be expected. Let’s just say no one was accepting his job offer.

Soulja Boy

The rapper, Rico, eventually revealed himself by directly responding to the threats and suggested a new way to reconcile their differences by having a boxing match but made sure to announce that Soulja’s not the only one who can put a hit out on somebody.

Soulja Boy

Violence is definitely not the answer to solve any dispute and in light of all the recent killings of African-American men in this country, you would think people with star power and platform would think twice before promoting gun-related activity as an act for revenge over petty issues. But apparently not. This isn’t the first time this year that the Kiss Me Thru The Phone rapper has wanted to “pull up” on somebody. Just last week he posted a video of him waving a gun around threatening to take another rapper’s life.

via TMZ:

Skrill Dilly says he’s the guy Soulja was talking about when he brandished a gun on camera and said, “I’ll kill yo bitch ass.” In his lawsuit, Skrill says Soulja actually put a $10,000 bounty on his head. Worst of all, he says his baby mama is refusing to let him near their daughter … fearing the little girl will get caught in the crossfire.

Skrill says the stress and fear of Soulja gunning for him triggered some medical issues. He was not specific. He’s suing for damages and cash to cover his medical expenses.

Soulja Boy has said the gun in the video was fake. We reached out to him about the lawsuit — no word back.

Let’s not forget the stunt he pulled a few weeks back of him getting into a dispute with rapper Lil Yachty over social media star, India Love, where Soulja posted old pics back to back expressing his love for the model. That little stunt had many talking including his ex girlfriend Nia Riley and singer KeKe Palmer. The rapper decided to clapback at the Scream Queens diva by threatening to expose her and posting a text message thread from three years ago between the two. KeKe set the record straight by making it very clear that Soulja Boy had absolutely nothing on her and that the two were never anything beyond friends.

Soulja Boy and KeKe Palmer

We’re not quite sure what has gotten into Soulja Boy lately but whatever it is, it needs to be reconciled quickly because these public outbursts he’s been having is not a good look for his “brand.” What do you think has gotten into to him? Share your comments below.

Written By: Kyree Shockley

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