[VIDEO] Q & A w/ Your “About Him” BAE! Catch Brandon Karson (@mrbrandonkarson) on His New Radio Show, “The Plug!”

brandon karson the plug
About Him has truly taken the internet by storm, and its breakout star, Brandon Karson, continues to rise to greater heights. Being successful sometimes means trying different avenues and dabbling in other mediums, especially when you’re a man on a mission like Mr. Karson is! We managed to snag a little of Brandon’s time as he prepares for the premiere of his radio show, The Plug! Trust us when we tell you IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!
brandon karson and tripp ali

Tripp Ali & Brandon Karson

Q: Why did you decide to do a radio show and where’d the name come from?
A: One of the producers from “About Him”, Kimberly Jones, came to both me and Tripp with a proposal from a connection she has with World Star Hit Radio. They wanted a more diverse line-up of shows, so they reached out to us because of the sudden following we garnered with the success of “About Him”. Melisa Fox, who we love, is the mastermind behind this whole idea. The name was something we thought of at the proposal meeting. We wanted to let it be known that we were in the business of connecting people, bridging the gap if you will. We wanted to be the “plug” for everything entertainment. 
Q: What makes Tripp Ali the right person to be your co-host? What’s your chemistry like?
A: Me and Tripp  are two totally different vibes. We think on two totally different wave frequencies, but it’s our differences that attract us. Our chemistry is extremely unique. It’s something that comes so natural. Our connection is one huge, ongoing conversation. It flows beautifully. We have fun together, man. 
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Q: Let’s talk a little about your guests. What made these people stand out enough to be guests on your show.
A: A lot of our guests reached out to us first, honestly. We announced our show a few weeks ago. I can specifically remember my initial encounter with up and coming music prodigy & grandson of Gladys Knight, Avehre. He hit me up and we both began praising each other for his music and my acting. The rest was history. I can’t wait until he comes on. We also have Keever West coming to the show, an amazing singer & the brother of KeKe Wyatt. Of course, we have to show our cast mates love by putting on the show & letting them know about their upcoming projects. 
Q: Besides the confirmed guests listed on the press release is there anyone else you plan to have come on the show?
A: We have so many potential people coming on, and though it would be nice to let everyone know, we like to keep the element of surprise. 
brandon karson and tripp ali
Q: Why should people tune into your show? What is going to make it stand out?
A: Aside from it being such a fun show, it’s extremely enlightening. We want to connect minds, get people to think. This show will do that & so much more. I cannot wait until we debut. 
Q: Will the show be live streamed? How do people tune in and tell me your catch phrase/motto.
A: Yes, it will be streamed live on worldstarhitradio.com. “You want the it, we got it. We are The Plug.” 
From the sound of it we can prepare for a pretty awesome and unique show tonight! Be sure you tune in every Sunday from 6-7 PM EST; and check back here later this month as our own CEO, Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning, makes a guest appearance on The Plug!

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