[VIDEO] Who’s With Her?! Some of The Biggest Stars Show Their Support For Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton)!

hillary clinton

With Election Day less than 24 hours away, people everywhere have been voicing their stance in this year’s presidential election by showing their support for either candidate. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party nominee for President of The United States, has been winning over many of Americans’ votes – especially minorities and millennials.

Although we may have Donald Trump’s arrogant and ignorant remarks to thank for this, we can also thank some of our favorite stars! Some of the biggest influencers, including rappers, singers, athletes and more, have spoken out and voiced that they are without a doubt ‘With Her’ – especially in this last week.

Singer and producer, Pharrell Williams, is one of he many celebrities who have publicly supported Hillary. In October, Williams went on The Ellen Show and was asked what his thoughts on the presidential election were, to which he responded, “It’s time for a woman to be in there.”

“Women think about things in a holistic way, that’s not just so individual,” voiced Pharrell. “If we had somebody looking after our country that thought about things as a whole, I just feel like it just would be different.”

Williams also posted a video via Instagram today encouraging all minorities to vote, with a caption exclaiming, “We are not minority, we are majority! Go vote and make your voices heard. #ImWithHer”

Beyonce, Jay Z, Hillary Clinton in Cleveland

On Friday in Cleveland, Ohio, two of the biggest influencers in music, Jay Z and Beyonce, threw a concert to rally for Hillary.

Beyonce came out on stage and shared a few words with the audience, saying, “Eight years ago, I was so inspired to know that my nephew, a young black child, could grow up knowing his dreams could be realized by witnessing a black president in office.”

“And now, we have the opportunity to create more change,” continued Beyonce, “I want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country and know the her possibilities are limitless. We have to think about the future of our daughters, our sons, and vote for someone who cares for them as much as we do. And that is why I’m with her.”

Jay Z introduced Mrs. Clinton, but before that he had a few words of his own as well. “This other guy, I don’t have any ill will towards him; but his conversation is divisive and that’s not an evolved soul to me, so he cannot be my president. He cannot be our president,” says Jay Z about Trump. “Once you divide us you weaken us and we are stronger together.”

Also in Cleveland, on Nov. 6, NBA star Lebron James introduced Hillary at a rally and shared his support, as well as his belief that his community’s votes really do matter.

“I was around a community that was like ‘our vote doesn’t matter,’ but it really does,” stated Lebron.

Finally, Jay Z and Beyonce weren’t the only ones who brought Mrs. Clinton out on stage. Last month, two of the biggest Latino influences in music did the same. Jennifer Lopez brought out Hillary during her concert in Miami, and the two were joined by Marc Anthony.

JLo, Marc Anthony, Hillary Clinton at Miami concert

Last night, Lopez also posted a video via Instagram encouraging everyone to go out and vote.

EVERYONE!!!! Get out and VOTE!! Our future depends on it! #ImWithHer

A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

Other huge names who have publicly voiced their support for Hillary include Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, Adele, Katy Perry, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Miley Cyrus, Robert De Niro, Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner and more.

No matter who you support, just make sure you go out and vote!!!!

Written By: Daniela Posso

daniela posso




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