Empire (@EmpireFOX)- “One Before Another”

the lyon brothers empire

Empire returns from its hiatus with Shine ready to go to war with The Lyons for their attack. He and a few of his hit men load up guns and head to Jamal’s apartment to take out Andre. There, they bind and gag the doorman, and Shine confronts Andre in the kitchen. He pulls the trigger on his pistol but it jams, sparing Andre’s life! He then uses another gun but Nessa manages to hit his hand and save Andre yet again. Shine sees her in Andre’s shirt and realizes they have been having sex. She begs him not to kill Andre and be sent to prison as he is her brother and the only person she has left. Shine makes her leave with his men and tells Andre he does not do dirty business in front of her, but promises he is coming after him and Lucious. Elsewhere, Cookie and Angelo meet for coffee and go for a walk. They discuss her parole status; and he flirts with her, hinting that it’s time for them to have sex. Cookie playfully tells him he is going to have to work harder to get that from her. Their conversation is interrupted when Lucious’ men come to take her away for her own safety. Meanwhile, Lucious has an armored truck and gunmen guard Anika, Bella, and himself while they attend a doctor’s appointment.

Still later, Lucious meets with his family at Empire and tells them what is going on with Shine.

Jamal wants nothing to do with their beef, and Hakeem tells them he is making his best music with Shine. Everyone feels they should change the Empire Extreme live concert due to the circumstances, but Lucious insists all they stick to business. Andre moves in with Lucious. Cookie, tells them to follow their father’s lead and then leaves for a meeting with her parole officer.

taraji p henson as cookie lyon season 1 of empire on fox

Cookie meets with her parole officer, but is met with a cold shoulder and more restrictions, much to her dismay. She senses something is awry. That evening Angelo comes to visit her and she confronts him about her meeting with her parole officer. She believes he ratted her out about what is going on with her family. They begin to argue and he ends their night, not wanting to say something he will regret later. Lucious and Andre organize a truce with Shine to keep down bloodshed and get back to business at his home. Things between them continue to go south until Anika intervenes and tells Shine that Lucious was about to offer him an imprint. Shine finds the deal lucrative, but wants Freeda on board with him as well. Lucious concedes, but tells him Nessa is still under contract with Empire. Meanwhile, Becky tricks Tiana into recording¬†Starlight, as the latter’s lead single for her new album, despite Cookie’s wishes. She believes in the single and tries to get Xavier, the new head of A&R, to be on board with her.

empire main cast

Jamal and Hakeem rehearse for the former’s live stream concert. Jamal wants to keep their performance on a positive note, but Hakeem, still angry about Tiana and Graham, wants a more threatening performance. Jamal refuses, but he reminds him that he needs him more due to his loss of fans. Later, Jamal shows up at Hakeem’s apartment with Cookie in tow. She tells him the performance will stay as rehearsed and if he does anything contrary to that then he will have her to deal with. Hakeem goes to visit Bella and finds Lucious reading to her. Lucious explains to him human nature and how important it is that a father teaches his children how to survive in the world. Hakeem holds his daughter and for the first time she does not cry. Lucious tells him she senses she is protected. Elsewhere, Tarik meets with Shine and continues to try and press him for information on Lucious. Shine, however, directs him towards the murder of Freeda’s father, telling him it might help his investigation. Becky is betrayed by Xavier and subsequently Cookie has to push back the release date for Tiana’s album. Tiana has Becky dismissed from her team when she learns she was lied to.

empire hakeem lyon season 3 bryshere gray yazz the greatest

At the Empire Extreme live stream concert everything seems to be going great. Lucious tries to get Hakeem to perform his menacing song, but Hakeem tells him he is over Tiana and feeling Nessa. Lucious reveals Nessa and Andre are together and Hakeem flips! In his performance he calls out both of his brothers and Nessa. Fights and arguments ensue with all the world watching. Cookie tries to stop the camera, but Lucious insists they keep record! The next day Angelo comes to see Cookie and tells her that he is not afraid to fight for her and comforts her over the prior night’s events.

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