[New Music] Jhene Aiko (@JheneAiko) – “Maniac”

jhene aiko

Jhene Aiko isn’t just a beautiful songbird anymore – she’s a self proclaimed MANIAC; or at least that’s what she boasts on her latest single.

The new sultry track is filled with risque lingo as Jhene raps about sex and later on, marriage.

Throughout the song she raps, “Hop on a d*ck like a maniac/ Head like a brainiac/ Got to read the signs like a zodiac/ I’m a lowkey freak, you don’t know me yet/ which is followed by “Good head got a little bite to it/ Little booty got a little bounce to it/ We can go all damn night to it/ Wife that, go on, throw rice to it/

One can assume that with such a bold track like “Maniac” Jhene is gearing up for a new album release.

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean

Official album cover art for “Twenty88”

Earlier this year, Jhene Aiko teamed up with rapper Big Sean (who is also now her boyfriend) for the compilation album “Twenty88”. According to a press release from Jay Z’s Tidal, the album tells the story of the highs and lows of a relationship, with insights into conflict, memories, love, sex and more.

The decision to pair up with Big Sean for an album of this magnitude proved to be a good thing for them both as the album received high praise.

Stills for a previously released teaser video for "Maniac"

Stills for a previously released teaser video for “Maniac”

If “Maniac” is the leading single from a new Jhene Aiko album I am all the way here for it! Not many artist can rap and sing on a track and still have it sound sexy and cool. She is definitely ahead of her time and I love that she’s so outside of the box. Jhene, I don’t know about everybody else but we’re adding it to our playlist.

What about you fam? Are you going to pump it or dump it? Sound off below!

Written By: Monique C. Tillman

monique c. tillman hey mikey atl

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