[PHOTOS] It’s Official! Ginuwine’s (@Ginuwine) Rumored Eggplant Pix Are Legit!


2016 should be labeled on someone’s Chinese calendar as “The Year of The Celebrity Eggplant!” The number of male private parts we have seen around these parts is getting to be a bit ridiculous. Is nothing private anymore? We guess not, especially if you are OG R&B superstar, Ginuwine! Earlier this week it was rumored that photos of the singer’s genitals floating around the internet were not of him.


Well thanks to The Jasmine Brand and a graphic picture, courtesy of one of our site’s minions, we have confirmed the eggplant picture in questions is indeed his and we have it in our possession!

ginuwine tweet

Ginuwine’s tweet is very true. In a recent interview with About Him’s Rico Pruitt we mentioned that the only difference between an unwitting amateur porn star and the average person is an angry boyfriend or girlfriend. We all know that sexting is the new dating thanks to The Digital Age. We just wish he had been a bit more discrete. Whoever leaked these pictures, however, only did the ladies–and a few gents–a favor. From the looks of it he has NOTHING to be ashamed of. You can see the picture on the next page. We warn you they are uncensored and graphic! Peek at your own discretion and enjoy!

ginuwine dick pictures

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