[VIDEO] Shereè Whitfield (@IamSheree) Throws A Party That Cost Her $1K in Fines & Probation

sheree whitfield

Well, apparently being a homeowner does not mean that you are free to do whatever you want when it comes to your house.  Well, that is if you live in Sandy Springs, Georgia. “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” cast member, Shereè Whitfield, learned that lesson the hard way. Today, Shereè appeared in a Georgia courtroom to plead no contest to a crime. Apparently, Shereè broke the law by having a housewarming party at her home, Chateau Shereè.  The party was held last month on October 28th and the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” cameras were running.

Yes, you read that correctly. Shereè broke the law for having a party at her own house. The Chateau Shereè owner was fined $1,000 dollars and is now on probation for the next 18 months because she did not obtain the proper permits before having her lavish housewarming party.

Shereè can thank her neighbor for ratting her out to the fuzz. According to Whitfield’s neighbor David Good,  he witnessed dozens of cars in his cul-de-sac which caused a traffic nuisance so he decided to call the cops. Good stated that the unwanted party guest blocked neighbor’s driveways, parked on neighbor’s lawns, and blocked the street. On top of all that, there was also a huge spotlight that the show installed. Good appeared in court Friday as a witness and stated, “It was an invasion. An absolute invasion.”

Shereè Was Not The Only One In The Hot Seat

RHOA Shereè WhitfieldShereè wasn’t the only one in the hot seat. True Entertainment, the production company that creates “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta for Bravo, also received a fine. The production company was fined $500 dollars for not having proper permits, parking or security for Whitfield’s party. They were also fined $500 for not having proper permits for fellow cast member Kenya Moore’s housewarming party which was held in June. Moore was also scheduled to appear in court today but called in to reschedule her hearing for December 2nd .

At the conclusion of her hearing, Shereè told Channel 2 Action News, “If there were cars on the lawn, they weren’t my guests. I provided shuttles.” Whitfield also insisted that she has been nothing but a good neighbor. Mr. Good totally disagreed and stated that over the years Shereè has been given plenty of latitude from the city regarding the slow build of her home. Good also commented that there had been other reports of code violations at her property.

Shereè Whitfield

The Municipal Judge had some advice for the reality star. Judge Candiss Howard told Shereè in the future, “take extra steps not to interfere with [neighbors] privacy. Provide security to deal with paparazzi and traffic control”.  The judge also shared some advice with True Entertainment by telling them, “Be very cognizant of the needs of the neighbors. Take extra steps with security and parking. Keep people from walking across other people’s property.”

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think the judge was too harsh? Should Shereè be held responsible for her guest actions? Let me know in the comments.

Written By: Ronda Brooks

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