[VIDEO] Alessia Cara (@alessiacara) Releases Music Video for “How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s “Moana” (@DisneyMoana) Soundtrack!

alessia cara

Alessia Cara is truly a rising star, and one of music’s most talented singers. Her song, Here, went viral and clearly struck a chord with audiences everywhere.

Thankfully, Disney has taken notice of her talents and has her on the Moana soundtrack’s lead single, How Far I’ll Go! The song is directly from the movie, in a moving scene where the titular character realizes her destiny lies in the ocean.

Check out the video for How Far I’ll Go below!

This song is so empowering! It encourages you to be strong and adventurous. A lot of times we are brought up in a bubble and bound to the expectations of others. Moana courageously sails across the ocean to not only save her island and family, but the world as she knows it. You always have to leave your comfort zone to bring about real change. Just think about it, no good has ever been accomplished without a little adversity.

Alessia Cara dares to be different with her messages of inclusion, self-love, and independence. She may very well be a Moana in her own right. You all just be sure check out Disney’s Moana at a theater near you and the trailer below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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