Married To Medicine- “The Father, The Son, and Heavenly’s Spirit”

Dr. Heavenly tries to change her ways; Dr. Simone’s father is still m.i.a., and Lisa Nicole wants to be her husband’s best friend. That’s pretty much what happened in last night’s episode of “Married To Medicine”. If you missed it, don’t worry I have your full recap right here.

QuadThe show began with Quad, Dr. Jackie, and Dr. Simone preparing for their road trip to Nashville. Before the trio hits the road, Simone and Jackie thought it would be fun to play a little April Fool’s prank on Quad. The ladies tell Quad that they are going to pick up Mariah to help them in their search for Simone’s father. Quad’s facial expression changes drastically revealing her disgust. Quad decides to be a team player and agrees to pick up Mariah. Jackie and Simone quickly tell Quad that it was just a joke.

Heavenly’s Transformation

Dr. HeavenlyDr. Heavenly meets up with pastor Jewel Tankard. Heavenly is trying to seek advice on changing her ways. After having a conversation with her daughter, Heavenly realizes that she may be a little too abrasive. Heavenly tells Tankard about her altercation with Genise, and we find out about Heavenly’s alter ego “Lil Kim”. Heavenly realizes that she must change her ways in order to set a better example for her daughter.

Dr. SimoneThe ladies arrive in Nashville. Simone has hired a private investigator to assist in the search of her father. During the meeting with the investigator, Simone breaks down after answering a few questions. Simone feels that the investigator’s questions are overwhelming and she really doesn’t know the answers. Quad and Jackie both try to comfort her but they begin to feel the pain from losing their own fathers. Both Quad and Dr. Jackie lost their fathers and the pain is still fresh for them.

Trouble is brewing in Lisa Nicole’s marriage and the two are seeking counseling from their pastor. During the counseling session, Dr. Darren says that Lisa is always telling him that he is her best friend. Lisa admits that she never hears the same from Darren. Lisa also states that she wants to trust Darren one hundred percent but she feels that he doesn’t tell her everything. She feels like he is hiding things from her. The pastor gives them homework to complete before their next session.

The day of the great search arrives and the ladies hit the streets. Simone takes the ladies to her old neighborhood and they began to walk door to door passing out flyers. The ladies leave no stone un-turned and finally receive a clue that could help them. The clue ends up being a dead end but Quad feels that Simone is being nonchalant about the situation.

Dr. Darren’s Confession

Married To Medicine Cast members Lisa Nicole and Dr. DarrenLisa meets up with her hubby to grab a bite to eat and to go over their homework assigned by the pastor. Things start off rocky because Dr. Darren did not write down his assignment. Instead, he made his list on his phone. At first, Lisa seemed to be annoyed because it appeared that Dr. Darren was not taking the assignment seriously. Then things started to go left when Darren states that Lisa needs to give him his privacy. Darren avoids an argument by stating that he loves that Lisa never gives up on him. Darren goes on to say that it makes him want to be a better man. Now, this is where the mess starts. During the confessional scene, Darren says that he has been married to Lisa for 9 years and that he has been faithful for 5!

Yes, you read that correctly! Darren said that he had been faithful to his wife for 5 of the 9 years they have been married. He quickly tries to correct his mistake and Lisa pretends as if she didn’t hear him say it. Then things go all the way left with the next confessional scene with the couple. Lisa feels very compelled to tell the viewers about her sex life with her husband. In my opinion, it seemed like Lisa was trying to do damage control from the previous confessional scene. The whole thing seemed phony. Maybe next time Lisa should warn her husband before hand that she is about to lie to the public so his reaction can be more believable.

This episode was pretty light on the drama. Hopefully, next week’s episode will be back to the level of drama I have grown accustomed to expecting from this group.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think Simone will find her father? Can Heavenly transform into a saint? Did Dr. Darren really mean to admit to cheating on his wife for 4 years of their 9-year marriage? Let me know in the comments.

Written By: Ronda Brooks

ronda brooks

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