[PHOTOS] This Looks Suspect? Keyshia Cole’s Ex-Husband, Daniel Gibson (@BooBysWorld1), Has Been Outted by Alleged Boyfriend!

This celebrity news/gossip world just keeps on poppin’! When we say poppin’ we mean like Reddenbaucher! The latest piece of news we have concerns one of our favorite ‘hood singers and her now ex-husband. Yes, you guys, we are talking about Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson!  Apparently, Daniel is not only done with Keyshia, but may be giving women all together a rest for awhile as he has been.

Earlier today news broke that Daniel Gibson now is in a new relationship with a man, Celebrity Hairdresser, Jaylon Aaron!

jaylon aaron

Celebrity Hair Dresser, Jaylon Aaron

Naturally, we wanted to dismiss this as another bout of celebrity gossip, but celebrity gossip site, Fameolous, had receipts in the form of  some rather incriminating photos posted by Jaylon himself. Check them out below!

daniel gibson

Sorry Daniel, but this does look suspect. The angle that these pictures were taken and then….their bedside! Jaylon has come forward on his own Instagram and posted a statement disavowing any type of romantic relationship with Daniel, despite what these photos imply. See it below

This is all a bit much! We are not sure what is going on between Daniel and Jaylon or if this is warranted any special attention. Any publicity is good publicity we guess, especially in Mr. Gibson’s case. All we know is that perception is everything! What do you guys think? Are Daniel and Jaylon together? Sound off below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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