In “BEST NEWS EVER!”Netflix (@Netflix) Renews Luke Cage (@LukeCage) for a Second Season!

luke cage

Who’s ready For The Return Of Luke Cage?                         

Luke Cage, presented by Marvel, has been renewed for Season 2, Netflix announced Sunday via the show’s Twitter handle. Starring Mike Colter, Luke Cage details the evolution of its titular hero after he has relocated to Harlem and is in the process of picking up the pieces following his failed relationship with Jessica Jones. Having been endowed by a failed experiment with super strength and unbreakable skin, Luke is pulled out of the shadows to fight a battle for the heart of his city – forcing him to confront a past he had tried to bury.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage is the third series, after Daredevil and Jessica Jones, in Netflix’s Marvel lineup.

Season One of Luke Cage was a hit and social media couldn’t stop sharing the excitement of the series. Who doesn’t love another man close to Superman? Luke Cage gave off the image of a man who was basically bulletproof! Walking around in his hoodie and being a black superhero in the city of Harlem. The public may have taken a high liking to Luke Cage’s bulletproof abilities, following this year’s constant issues of police brutality among the African American community. 

Luke Cage Renewed

Marvel’s Luke Cage

A bulletproof black man in a hoodie is not only a powerful image, but a tribute to Trayvon Martin. Luke Cage, took a political stand by paying tribute to the black lives lost to police shootings. Back in September the lead actor Mike Colter opened up to The Huffington Post on the importance of a black superhero and how the current political climate shaped his character, Luke Cage. Being Marvel’s first black superhero, Cage’s appearance was updated for the times, which consisted of exchanging his sunny yellow shirt for a hoodie or a hooded sweatshirt.

The change fits Cage’s low profile nature  and was a direct connection to Trayvon Martin. “It’s a nod to Trayvon, no question,” Colter said. “Trayvon Martin and people like him. People like Jordan Davis, a kid who was shot because of the perception that he was a danger. When you’re a black man in a hoodie all of a sudden you’re a criminal. That’s something we shouldn’t have to deal with, but we do. It’s a double standard. We can’t cover our head when it’s cold and raining because God forbid someone sees us and puts our life in danger. We wanted to pay homage to that — it’s not something we were shying away from.”

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Luke Cage

While we’re waiting for the second season to appear,  we’ll have other Marvel titles on Netflix to keep us busy. “Iron Fist,” starring Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick, is due to premiere on March 17.

The short video announcement of Luke Cage’s return features Pop’s Barber Shop, with a sign that reads, “Season 2 coming soon.”

Fans will be waiting to see what Luke Cage is bringing this coming season!



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