In Truth In His “Underwear Drawer!” Get To Know Langston John Blaze (@LangstonJBlaze)–“The Black James Dean!”

langston john blaze

The world can be a truly uncertain place. There are times when you wish you had an easy answer for the toughest situations. That, however, is rarely the case. Life often proves itself to be a brutal teacher and taskmaster. So what do you do when you add being anything outside of the norm; like being gay for example. There’s no handbook or guide to tell you what to do or how to react when you’re a guy who likes guys. That is where author, actor, and all around great guy, Langston John Blaze comes in with The Underwear Drawer: An Intimate View On Gay Relationships! This amazing book seems to be the “be all” book for surviving the ups and downs of gay life. “I want to help people….when I first came out and began exploring my sexuality there was no one to advise me, tell me what to do, or how to react. I had to figure everything out on my own and it was hard…I got to thinking I really wish there was a book or guide to help gay people, especially young ones, navigate all this…”

the underwear drawer langston john blaze

 The Underwear Drawer may be the best friend any gay person can have! Besides being very well written; it is very relatable. In fact, you will undoubtedly find yourself relating to all the scenarios of self-esteem, love, sex, dating, and ultimately acceptance. “No two gay men are exactly alike, there’s a lot of diversity in the gay community, but all of them can relate to this book…” Reading over the book, you definitely find yourself engrossed in the process and journey it takes you on. Sexuality is complex, and fluid, but the human soul is not. At our core, gay or straight, we all want to be loved.

langston john blaze

There are a few chapters that piqued our interest, most of them dealing with love. In fact, we absolutely love Chapter Eleven, “Consistently Inconsistent!” Dating in Atlanta seems marred by this simple statement. “You hear it all the time that people are looking for consistency in dating. You would think if someone likes you that they would show it and keep showing it. Sadly that’s seldom the case and gay dating is really plagued by that…you just really can’t it personally…someone is really interested in you they will be consistent, they will follow through, and you’ll see it…” Langston’s words indeed ring true. It is sort of like leaving compatibility up to the universe, if it’s meant to to be it will work itself out! You can purchase your copy of the book by clicking here.

langston john blaze

Besides having an amazing book, Langston is also a great actor and the self-proclaimed, “Black James Dean! Currently he stars in the LGBT web series, Pharm! Pharm tells the story of “pharm boys,” young drug dealers who sell pharmaceutical drugs for recreational use. It is also the name of a fictional street drug that not only gets its abusers high, but horny as well! Langston is “Dizzy” a seductive and quirky pharm boy whose untimely arrival takes the rest of the cast and story on a tailspin! “Dizzy is really fun and different…I really had to get into role for that character. On my way to filming it in South Carolina I yelled the whole time to make my voice deeper and more hoarse…I wanted him to be gritty, you know [he laughs]…” You can catch Pharm online at!

Whether his writing an amazing novel or slaying a new role, Langston John Blaze is proving himself to be a rising star in the community. It is one thing to want to be the best, but it says so much more when you want to help others. We loved The Underwear Drawer and highly recommend it to all our minions. “You have got to know there’s nothing you can’t do. Once you know that then the sky’s the limit…believe in yourself, it’s kind of a super power!”

langston john blaze

Twitter: @LangstonJBlaze Instagram: @langstonjohnblaze

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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