#CelebrityCrush- Rick Gonzalez (@officialrickg)

rick gonzalez

Monday’s at the HeyMikeyATL offices are reserved for the grown, sexy and nothing short of Hollywood’s finest and today, we deliver your weekly dose of it all.

Actor Rick Gonzalez is no stranger to the big screen or the one made for TV and to be totally honest with you all, he’s been BAE for quite some time now.

Follow the jump to see why we’ve been pining over Rick Gonzalez.

I don’t know about you all but I first fell in love with Rick when I first saw him star in the 2005 film “Coach Carter” starring alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Ashanti, Debbi Morgan and Channing Tatum (who also became BAE from this film). After that film, Rick went on to star in several other motion pictures and TV shows like Roll Bounce, Illegal Tender, The Closer and both CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami and Bad Dad Rehab.

Screen grab of Rick Gonzalez from the made for TV movie "Bad Dad Rehab"

Screen grab of Rick Gonzalez from the made for TV movie “Bad Dad Rehab”

To date, Rick has over fifty film and television credits and he’s not stopping there. His latest project has him cast as the character “Wild Dog” who doubles as Rene Ramirez in the hit CW show “Arrow“.


Actor Rick Gonzalez side by side with his “Arrow” character Wild Dog

Wild Dog will be a recurring character in the fifth season of Arrow. On the show, Wild Dog is the alias of Rene Ramirez, a reckless young vigilante and former marine inspired by Green Arrow’s crusade. Though Green Arrow initially orders Wild Dog to stop interfering with his work, he eventually takes Rene under his wing and trains him and Lord knows I can’t wait for the two to team up. I would assume Wild Dog’s way of combat is totally different that Arrow’s which is what I think will make their dynamic mesmerizing. Where Green Arrow has learned control and patience over the seasons, I would assume Wild Dog is less refined and street savvy.

Either way, I’m all the way anxious!

Written By: Monique C. Tillman

monique c. tillman

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